Top 5 Things You Can Learn from An Apple

We are constantly bombarded with logos and graphics filled with detail and vibrant colors, yet one of the most popular companies logos seems so simple. Many business owners look at the Apple logo and think; “I could do that without hiring a designer.” The truth is, even this seemingly simple logohas a formula. While those without that design-eye might see Apple’s logo as a shortcut that got lucky, designers can see that this logo is truly a masterpiece. This logo didn’t just get lucky.

The Apple Design and What You Can Learn

Consider some of the things that businesses can learn from such a simple logo:
1. Symmetry Matters – It’s important that a logo has a plan.  It takes time to really create something great, and the Apple logo illustrates this quite nicely. As you can see, the artist of the Apple design made sure that every curve was proportionate. This gives the logo a sense of professionalism.
2. Simple Works – This is, obviously, the perfect example of a simple design that works. In design it is important to remember that if you’re unsure whether your design needs an extra this or an extra that, you’re usually better off staying simple. Consumers like simple because it is easy to remember and easy to comprehend.
3. Color Doesn’t Always Mean Better – It’s okay to leave the color out if you don’t think it fits your target audience. Originally, Apple displayed a colored logo until about 1998. They discovered that it was the shape of their logo that defined the brand, not necessarily the color. Consider whether or not you feel your logo falls into that same category.
4. Your Logo Should Represent Your Company – The Apple logo is the perfect example of a logo that encompasses the goals of the entire business. The business offers simple, sleek designs in their products, and their logo offers the same. This is extremely important in logo design, and Apple conquered this idea beautifully.
5. Trial and Error Will Occur – There have been many successful company logos that have had to try and try again including Pepsi, Starbucks, Volkswagen, and yes, Apple. You can change your logo entirely if you don’t think your logo is very recognizable, but you do want to be conscious of your brand and time continues. Below is an example of how the Apple design came to be what it is today:
Company logos come in all shapes and sizes. For many companies, a logo similar to the characteristics found in the Apple logo simple wouldn’t work. For example, it would be odd to see such a simple design associated with something as loud as a heavy metal rock band. However, whether it be the importance of drawing up a detailed plan or the idea that a logo takes time to master, I think that every business can take away something form the success of this “simple” little Apple.

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