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Jittery about your home buying decision? Top 5 ways to overcome it!

It is natural. All homebuyers would have felt it. Why not? It is one of the most important and biggest financial decisions of anybody's life. When the stakes are so high, it is bound to affect us, we do get nervous, but also excited at the same time because buying a home is a big achievement too. So, we at decided to pen down a few tips to help you tide over the jitters. When Archana Menon, a Bangalore-based techie bought a plot near Yelahanka, an upcoming suburb near the new airport, she was ecstatic. But when she finalized on her lender to construct a home on this 2000 square feet plot, she started feeling the butterflies in her stomach. Oh, it was but natural.
Archana had saved about Rs 20,00,000 over seven years of her career. This, she spent on buying the plot. She somehow managed to garner the margin money to build a 3600 square feet house. "When I applied for a loan and it came through I was not worried so much. When I had to sign on the dotted line, I …

Spicy Sausage Naan Bread Sandwiches

Sausage sandwiches in their most basic of forms can be and very often are absolutely delicious. The nature of sausage sandwiches means however that you have a virtually endless number of opportunities to vary the combination and take it to new levels of scrumptiousness. The three basic ways of doing this are to vary the types of sausage used in the sandwich, vary the type of bread you use and vary the nature of the accompaniments or condiments included in the sandwich. The recipes on this page focus on using naan breads as an alternative to traditional, as well as spicing up the sausages and/or the additional inclusions.

Choosing Naan Breads for Sandwiches Large naan breads are heated and halved for making sandwiches There are two basic choices when selecting naan breads to make a naan bread sandwich and which one you go for is down to availability and personal preference. You can either use one large/standard naan bread and half it, or use two mini naan breads. In both instances, the…

World War II: Battle Of Britain

Introduction German officers and soldiers had gazed from the French coastline across the 20 miles of the English Channel which separated them from their enemy. To a man, they knew that the conquest of Great Britain would be their greatest challenge to date. However, they were brimming with confidence. Operation Sealion, as the forthcoming invasion was codenamed, would involve the marshalling of troops and equipment, as well as the rounding up of enough barges suitable for transporting the most formidable fighting machine in the world across the narrow expanse of the Channel. Still, all of the victories thus far, all of the planning and all of theFuhrer’s bold rhetoric meant far less without mastery of the skies. Control of the air was a perquisite to any successful invasion. Battle Map A map of the theatre of battle. The big red line indicates the range of British radar. Source: Hohum, PD, via Wikimedia Commons
Kanalkampf Its opening phase was known asKanalkampf, or the Channel Battl…

Know your credit card better: Charges you probably do not know

The lure of a credit card is hard to keep away from, especially when a sales representative from a bank or a retail outlet makes a convincing pitch about you getting a "free" credit card. But did you know that the credit card you are being promised is anything but free? What sales representatives of credit cards do not tell you is that there are a whole host of charges that are applicable to them. Here are the various charges on credit card, you should know about before you agree to apply for one.
The annual maintenance fee: When you are told you are being given a free credit card, it probably means that the joining fee and the annual fee has been waived off for a maximum period of one year from the date of issuance, but after this initial period the annual maintenance fee is applicable to your card. This could range from Rs 1500-3000 in a year. Interest costs: If you do not pay the whole of the outstanding amount within the due date stipulated by the bank each month, an inter…

Worried about your low Cibil score? Here's how to take it above 750

Your Cibil score may just be a three digit number, but there is no undermining its importance when it comes to the assessment of how creditworthy you are. With a poor Cibil score, you will not be able to access credit when you really need it and your dream of being a homeowner, car owner or even getting a personal loan when you are in urgent need of one, may be squashed. If you are worried about a low Cibil score, here's what you can do to improve it. If your credit history is not up to the mark for some of your actions in the past, and your Cibil score has dwindled as a result, you have to be proactive in rectifying it, so that it does not impact your financial health further. So here are some steps that will put you on the right path of rectifying your Cibil score.
Keep an open mind First up admit that there has been a faux pas with the way you have handled your money, and that is what has brought your Cibil score down in the first place. Be prepared to understand and accept your…

5 factors to consider while choosing your home loan lender.

Loans are a big business for a bank, but not such a happy thing for an end consumer. But it is the most dependable form of funding source while buying a house in today's world. In an effort to meet our financing requirements, it is important to understand that we should not rush into finalizing our home loan lender as this relationship with your bank might last for more than a decade. To ensure that you have a good track record of repayment, it is imperative to know the terms and conditions under which you will be taking a loan. When you apply for a loan, the builders and loan agents will try to hurry up things. It is but obvious they do it, as it is a source of income for them. But do not yield to these pressures. Do your own homework, read every bit of info available on home loan lenders. Go shopping for a loan that provides favourable terms and conditions.
Do not fall into a trap like Ragini Kadam did. She just chose a lender in hurry and realized that she had to bear the brunt…