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10 Classics Car Names and their Origins

What's in a name? The majority of classic car manufacturers and their marques are normally named after the company founder. Everyone is familiar with EnzoFerrari, what would Henry Roycehave been without Charles Rolls and David Dunbar Buick, all world famous for vintage cars. After owners, the places the cars where manufactured is also a popular choice, Vauxhall from the district in London where the company was originally founded. The Pilgrim fathers on the Mayflower, landing at PlymouthRock, despite the Chrysler logo, did not  give rise to the well knownChrysler marque but a simple agricultural brand of string. While an American, Wilbur Gunn, from Ohio called his vintage vehicles after the river flowing through the town of his birth – Lagonda. Here are some of the more exotic stories behind a few household names in classic cars.

Alvis – A British car manufacturer whose name was created by shortening aluminium to AL and adding VIS the latin for strong. Cadillac and De Soto, both Ameri…

Top 5 Android Launchers: The Best of Android Application Developers Packed Into One

Get the best of Application Developers through the Application Launcher Android phone has earned its name for its customizable and open-ended nature. The customization can be done to such an extent, that even the user interface can be manipulated at will of the user. Android Application Developers burn their midnight oil to come up with unique apps. Tools like launchers are one of them. As an introduction to launchers, these are the basic interface of the device. The launchers take the responsibility on how apps are placed, from where the widgets are accessed. It also helps in rearranging the app on-screen. This lens would be taking up some of the best launcher there is and elucidate on them. Some of the Best Launcher There is For Android Phones in 2013 2013 has been quite an eventful year for the mobile application development. There have been ground breaking achievements in every field of mobile OS including iPhone and Windows phone. But the year also witnessed the development of t…