Monday, August 22, 2016

What Lies Between Us by Nayomi Munaweera

What Lies Between Us by Nayomi Munaweera

Publisher - Pan Macmillan India
Publication Year - 2016
ISBN-13 - 9789382616948
ISBN-10 - 9382616942
Language - English
Binding - Paperback
Number of Pages - 304 Pages

What Lies Between Us is that novel which captures trauma with fiery intensity. The opening pages show a shadow and evoke an dark tale about a mother whose name is not revealed until the last page. A shocking climax and firing on all cylinders is what Nayomi Munaweera has done.

The narrator of the story is a wealthy girl from village with a alcoholic father and depressive mother. The girl's childhood is spent with Sita and Samson in the hill town of Kandy and she spends much of her time reading British children's books.

The calm and simpleton life is destroyed after the girl is raped and her father dies even her childhood friend Samson dies. Along-with her mother the girl moves to Bay Area in Fremont. At this juncture the book deals with the falsehood of security and how a brown girl tries to fit in among whites and the hipster culture. The book goes on ahead and the narrator girl falls head first and uncontrollably in racial striving. This is where the book goes ahead and becomes dark and heart-wrenching.

Nayomi Munaweera has dealt with woman's trauma and old memories affecting the current reality and violence that comes along in the situations.

The book gives you emotional highs and keeps you thrilling and wanting for more with each and every page.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Faster, Smarter, Higher: Managing your Career by Utkarsh Rai

Faster, Smarter, Higher: Managing your Career by Utkarsh Rai

Book Details

Publisher                  Rupa Publications India
ISBN-10                   812913750X
Number of Pages      199 Pages
Publication Year        2016
Language                 English
ISBN-13                   9788129137500
Binding                    Paperback 

Faster, Smarter, Higher is yet another masterpiece from the author, Utkarsh Rai and a perfect guide to fast-track the career. The book gives out the clear picture of modern day work-place culture and also the corporate dynamics which are shared between the peers and managers.

Career and work challenges are described best in the book. Utkarsh Rai pens down how to tackle everyday situations faced by employees and managers in real life scenario. The language is lucid and clear, its easy to understand, so whether you are reading it a management guy or as a fresher in corporate world it can be co-related.

The book covers all of the aspects of one's career ranging from goals, dreams to managers and career graph. It talks about managing managers boss, re-inventing oneself to achieve more from the same work role and grow gradually and meaningfully.

Human behaviors in corporate work life have been described skillfully. The book is timeless and universal considering all topics it has covered.

Utkarsh Rai has given a book for professional be it a fresher starting his\her career or a mid-ranger trying to grow or a manger trying to manage.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi

The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi


Publisher    Westland
ISBN-10    9385724061
Number of Pages    588 Pages
Publication Year    2016 April
Language    English
ISBN-13    9789385724060

Ashwin Sanghi and his own genre of Indian Thriller (Historic) is out again with The Sialkot Saga, having read The Krishna Key and Chanakya’s Chant you do get attracted as the what the writer would give you in the new book.

The Sialkot Saga is a book that spreads over a period of time and it comes to present day India, both being and historic and also full of twists and turns it keeps you gripped and wanting for more.

The book is about Arvind and Arbaaz who have grown up during partition of India and their struggle for power. It intertwines, collides, races and also keeps you attached to the 2 characters as they merge and demerge personally as well as profesionally to gain power. The characters of Arvind and Arbaaz have a hold on you and that gives out all the moments of power struggle, clash of thoughts, politics, humanity, grace and everything that you can think of based on real life aspects and gaining power as well as loss of power. Both characters have a hold on you throughout the book and one does feel a loss after the book is over, you think of people whose lives have been affected by you and how it affects you as well as them.

History that starts from Emperor Ashoka and ends in present day India has been described very vividly and you do get lost in the old cities of Bombay and Calcutta. The cities of before 80's have a very soothing effect and you do get a sense of simple lives of olden times.

Ashwin Sanghi has studied and written this one, its crisp and clear and keeps you on the toes. This one is a good mix of showing as well as telling.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Thirteenth Day by Aditya Iyengar

The Thirteenth Day by Aditya Iyengar


Publisher                 Rupa Publications India
ISBN-10                 8129134756
Number of Pages         260 Pages
Publication Year         2015 June
Language                 English
ISBN-13                 9788129134752

It is about the 18 day Mahabharat war and told as POV of the characters.

The book is about war and mind games spanning on a period of 3 nights and 3 days and starting on the 13th day of the Kurukshetra war. It starts with Yudhisthira and his claim for the throne, his POV is introspective and how history has betrayed him. How he has never got the hero status and how he has been in the shadows of Bhima and Arjun.

The second POV is that of Radheya better known and also at times misjudged 'Karna'. This POV is rough-edged and is mainstream considering Karna had played a very important role throughout Mahabharat.

The third POV is that of Abhimanyu, who is young and impatient and the actions from Abhimanyu decide the fate of the Kurukshetra war.

Throughout the book 'Dharma' or moral is notably avoided, it does good and gives in a different insight of how characters were during the war times. How war affects minds of the most Royal blood and even a peasant soldier. Also no sentiments have been attached in the POV's, the hero worshiped Karna and Abhimanyu are shown and written without emotion and it does seem to affect the pace of the story. Sentiments have been cut down to bare minimum and the most emotional part of the book is at a death of an Elephant.

Iyengar’s novel tells the account from Mahabharat as a sparer version and Godless too. Iyengar’s knowledge of Mahabharat is seen with varying degrees of understanding to the characters and the attention to details given in combat situations.

The book ends abruptly but does leave a mark on you and it feels so matter of fact tone. You do understand it should end and it does.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hedon by Priyanka Mookerjee

Hedon by Priyanka Mookerjee

Book Details

Publisher            Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN-10            0143425951
Number of Pages            312 Pages
Publication Year            2016
Language            English
ISBN-13            9780143425953

Let me start by saying Hedon is a book with freshness and a different perspective with added romantic fiction. It gives perspective about age and culture and how 2 people come together based on mails, small talks and meets.

Based in Kolkata and US about 2 socially privileged people Tara Mullick and Jay Dhillon, Hedon gives an account how they become friends and then lovers despite the age difference and the cultural boundaries. Hedon also shows different facets of friendship between Tara, Cookie and Button. The friendship is shown with chemistry and creative writing can be noticed very vividly.

The narration of the the story is simple but being a fresh aspect of writing you may get mixed up between characters. The curves of every character is poetic and has many nostalgic effects while being engrossed in the book. It does make you go back to school, to your young age and also to the life which you may have left behind. The start of the book seems very normal but by the end of it the book comes close to reality and it does touch base on appeal to teenagers about life experiences.

Hedon has poetic touch and it appeals to the poet in us. 2 of the best examples are "Scars, brutal and red" and "Locked away, unexpressed". No words at play but simple poetic touch and one feels connected.

Hedon is simple and mixed with romance and chemistry of friends.