Hedon by Priyanka Mookerjee

Hedon by Priyanka Mookerjee

Book Details

Publisher            Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN-10            0143425951
Number of Pages            312 Pages
Publication Year            2016
Language            English
ISBN-13            9780143425953

Let me start by saying Hedon is a book with freshness and a different perspective with added romantic fiction. It gives perspective about age and culture and how 2 people come together based on mails, small talks and meets.

Based in Kolkata and US about 2 socially privileged people Tara Mullick and Jay Dhillon, Hedon gives an account how they become friends and then lovers despite the age difference and the cultural boundaries. Hedon also shows different facets of friendship between Tara, Cookie and Button. The friendship is shown with chemistry and creative writing can be noticed very vividly.

The narration of the the story is simple but being a fresh aspect of writing you may get mixed up between characters. The curves of every character is poetic and has many nostalgic effects while being engrossed in the book. It does make you go back to school, to your young age and also to the life which you may have left behind. The start of the book seems very normal but by the end of it the book comes close to reality and it does touch base on appeal to teenagers about life experiences.

Hedon has poetic touch and it appeals to the poet in us. 2 of the best examples are "Scars, brutal and red" and "Locked away, unexpressed". No words at play but simple poetic touch and one feels connected.

Hedon is simple and mixed with romance and chemistry of friends.

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