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What is UI Kit and Why You Should Use it

What is this “User Interface Kit” thing?

UI Kits are files (usually PSD’s, but the premium ones comes with a lot of additional stuff, as you can see above) with a lot of useful components – User Interface Elements – for user interface design. They come with the possibility of a lot of color variations and they easily integrate with your own design since they actually are done for this propose. They can also include patterns, brushes and asl files, which make the integration process even easier, you can play with colors, create new components and just include them as smart objects in your own design If you want.
They contain a lot of components that you just shouldn’t be designing, like default (and pretties) selects, checkboxes, slideshows, avatars, lists.
Also sometimes they include components that you don’t even think about using, until you see them. This is the case of those sliders form components. Before them designers and developers used simple input fields or select boxes but a…

Dream Career: How to Become a Professional Photographer

Most photographers get started the moment someone hands them a camera. For artists behind the lens, pictures reveal the smallest details and capture the biggest moments. However, there are all sorts of photographers, from the incredible realistic, such as nature photographers, to commercial photographers, and still others, those who enjoy journalism. The path to the right photography degree depends on your passion and goals for a career, but essentially, you want to be comfortable around a camera and understand the different settings, lighting, angles and positioning that you can only get from learning about your passion. There are also several levels to learning about photography. You don’t necessarily have to get a photography degree but it helps in certain fields and gaining the confidence of employers, though a well-organized portfolio and experience can also make others take notice of your expertise. Photography: Just Starting Out If you haven’t really done any professional phot…

Smart Storage Tips for a Clutter Free Bedroom

The bedroom is the area in the house that is more personal and private. One spends most of his time inside the bedroom especially when much rest is needed. Hence, since it is a personal room, one’s belongings and important stuff including clothes, jewelries and others are also inside it. There would be a need to organize all the things inside the bedroom in order to make it clutter free. It is also necessary to do that so that you will not find it hard to look for your own stuff. There are many ways to create storage spaces in your bedroom. Choosing one depends on the type of room you have and it also depends on your storage needs. Today, we will give you some tips on how to create smart storage space in your bedroom to have a clutter free room. Look into the tips below and choose which one best suits you. 1. Open storage. Image: Vhychenq Try for open storage especially if your bedroom is only small. Place some items on it like some displays, books and others. Look for spaces on the …

Barbados Restaurants

When people plan their Barbados vacation they usually think Sea and Sun…. Think again. Restaurant and Food standards in Barbados are extremely high, with chefs from the island winning international culinary awards and competitions year after year. Good food is very important to the average Barbadian with Many young teens already skilled in preparing food at home and I mean preparing food from scratch not instant meals.
There are many highly trained chefs on the island both expat and local and the range of cuisine is astounding and includes Mexican, Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, Local as well as Caribbean cuisine.
Whatever your mood for the evening or depth of your pocket there is a restaurant that will suit your needs as they vary from casual atmosphere and very reasonable prices to Posh and oooh la la prices.
There are also the dinner cruises or as I like to call them “floating restaurants” which can be quite large boats complete with floor shows or intimate catamaran cruises …

Kenya – 10 Must do Activities for Travelers

Africa has become a popular tourist destination in the past several years. Its unique culture and vast expanses of land have made it a unique destination for many travelers. Most vacations include seeing wildlife and the landscape, learning about tribal culture and experiencing some of the bustling cities that quickly grown to become hotspots. Below is a list of just some of the things to do and places to see when traveling to Kenya. Safari Many people travel to Kenya for the express reason of going on a safari. The national parks protect much of the wildlife, making a safari a good chance to view some rarely seen animals. It’s not uncommon to see elephants, buffaloes or even a lion while on safari. This kind of wildlife, along with the beauty of the African plain makes Kenya one of the most popular spots for safaris in Africa and even the world. Wildebeest Migration Wildebeests migrate between Kenya and Tanzania every year between the months of July and October. During this migration,…

Hiking In Italy’s Western Alps

Some of the best things about Italy are found completely within the Western Alps, if you’re a hiker. Of course there’s the country’s highest peak, which no hiker can resist. Then there is Italy’s oldest national park, also found in the Western Alps. Count the amazing variety of flora and fauna, the alpine meadows, and accessible yet remote wilderness areas, and you have the perfect setting for a hiker’s dream vacation in beautiful Italy. Discover Colonna mine or encounter wildlife throughout Vallone del Grand Nomenon. Reach your personal goals and try for the six-day trek along the Alta Via 2, known as a particularly challenging route. From Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso (Gran Paradiso National Park) to Valle d’Aosta, to Monte Bianco (the highest peak in Europe), there is a series of wonderful pathways for hikers and walkers who will find that traversing the Western Alps to be the experience of a lifetime. Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso will stun you with its beauty: deep later…