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10 Classics Car Names and their Origins

What's in a name?

The majority of classic car manufacturers and their marques are normally named after the company founder.
Everyone is familiar with EnzoFerrari, what would Henry Roycehave been without Charles Rolls and David Dunbar Buick, all world famous for vintage cars. After owners, the places the cars where manufactured is also a popular choice,
Vauxhall from the district in London where the company was originally founded. The Pilgrim fathers on the Mayflower, landing at PlymouthRock, despite the Chrysler logo, did not  give rise to the well knownChrysler marque but a simple agricultural brand of string. While an American, Wilbur Gunn, from Ohio called his vintage vehicles after the river flowing through the town of his birth – Lagonda.
Here are some of the more exotic stories behind a few household names in classic cars.

Alvis – A British car manufacturer whose name was created by shortening aluminium to AL and adding VIS the latin for strong.
Cadillac and De Soto, both American car companies who chose explorers for their inspiration. Frenchman, Antione Laumet de la Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac discovered the famed “Motorcity of America”, Detroit. While Spaniard, Hernando De Soto again gave his name to an adventurous brand of motor vehicle.
Jaguar – This sleek, speedy cat was originally a brand for the Swallow Sidecar Company more commonly known as S.S. but this was considered to be a poor name after World War Two and synonymous with Hitler’s troops. So they adopted the name of their already famous feline instead.
Lincoln – Named in honour of American President, Abraham Lincoln. The life long hero of Henry Leyland, the company’s’ founder. For many years the Lincoln became presidents’ choice of car.

Mercedes – While trying to break into the French car market, Daimlerand Benz agreed to name their new series after the daughter of Emil Jellinek, one of their distributors who aided them overcome French bureaucracy.
Pontiac – As reflected in the badge mounted on the front grille of their cars until 1956, Pontiac was a Native American chief who organised one of the largest stands against colonial invasion.
TVR– When Wilkinson started his company he quite simply took three letters from his first name to form this classic brand – TreVoR. I am not so sure the Trevor would have had quite the same impact.
What’s in a name? You just never know.

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Top 5 Android Launchers: The Best of Android Application Developers Packed Into One

Get the best of Application Developers through the Application Launcher

Android phone has earned its name for its customizable and open-ended nature. The customization can be done to such an extent, that even the user interface can be manipulated at will of the user. Android Application Developers burn their midnight oil to come up with unique apps.
Tools like launchers are one of them. As an introduction to launchers, these are the basic interface of the device. The launchers take the responsibility on how apps are placed, from where the widgets are accessed. It also helps in rearranging the app on-screen. This lens would be taking up some of the best launcher there is and elucidate on them.

Some of the Best Launcher There is For Android Phones in 2013

2013 has been quite an eventful year for the mobile application development. There have been ground breaking achievements in every field of mobile OS including iPhone and Windows phone. But the year also witnessed the development of the Android Apps in a big way. Android Launchers are the creation of this year. The following lines discusses about some of the best launchers of this year, but in no particular order.

Nova Launcher: The Launcher to blow you away

Apart from the stock launchers which is available for Android such as Samsung’s TouchWiz or HTC’s sense, the Nova Launcher is one of the premium launchers which can give you customizable experience, including making changes to the icons as well as installation of some very good looking themes.
One of the biggest advantages of Nova is that it is able to keep the typical stock launcher feel of the Android. Targeted more towards the beginners; this launcher gives the user the option to resize any widget. You will also get to choose the transitions and modify them. With Nova, you have got 9 home screens with 7X 6 grids which you would be able to modify the name and the appearance.
Armed with an in-depth customization option, you would be able to adjust the transition and the animation speed of scrolling through your screen. Nova has the ability to modify different folders as well as adjusting the transition and the animation screen. You have the option to make separate folders for different categories of apps. You can have easy access to the games, which will show first in the application list. Nova is capable of providing you drawer tabs for apps and widgets which becomes extremely handy for extensive and experienced users.
When it comes to themes, Nova has a widespread stock for the user to choose from. With downloadable icon pack from the play store, you can always transform your app icons into art and boost your style quotient while showing off. Nova gives you the liberty of changing the name of the app icon as it appears on the drawer or the home screen.

Buzz Launcher: The Buzz amongst the Android users

When it really comes to a variety of themes, Buzz launcher has made a name of its own. Absolutely awe inspiring, this launcher possesses a gamut of over-the-top visually stunning user made themes which give a feel of separate operating system to the user.
Packed with an innovative home pack concept, launcher is one of a kind. It helps the user to download user - made home pack which comprises custom made widgets, preset configurations in one single package. You only have to tap the option of applying to my home and let the magic unfurl in front of your eyes. You will have a brand for a new desktop in front of your eyes with unique, icon, widgets and wallpapers. Most android launchers have its own share of launchers such as an app dock at the bottom of the screen or a notification bar at the top. In case of the Buzz Launcher there are no specific rules. The users have the liberty customize the notification and the docking menu as they wish to.
To talk about the special effects, the Buzz Launcher does have gesture support in the package. You can easily open apps or perform actions like toggling the status just by the help of the gesture support.
The Buzz launcher redefines the concept of widgets in its own way. As a user, you would be able to use a huge number of modifications to the widgets. You would be able to make your own set of widgets through the Buzz custom widget app. The app lets you achieve several things about making the widgets. This app can easily help you in creation of calendar widgets, clock widgets or battery indicators. After creation of the widget you can share it with your buddies and friends.
With a built-in backup support the buzz launcher can easily save your setting in micro SD card of your mobile phone.

Apex Launchers: The Top Launcher for Apps

The Apex launcher does share some amount of similarities with the aforementioned NOVA launcher. When it comes to customization, you will find certain features which are at par with the NOVA launcher. It keeps the similar feel of the default Android Stock launcher. But what makes it different are the customization features which are set far apart from the default option. While creating this app, the Android App developers have packed the app with several customization features.
The Apex launcher has the support for 9 home screens with customizable grids, along with certain other tweaks which makes this launcher one of a kind. Packed with a whole gamut of animations, transitions, customizable folders as well as icons, this launcher gives the user the freedom to manipulate anything.
If taken from the perspective of theme, the theme support for Apex is fantastic. Anything which is created with the Apex theme launcher will run smoothly with the Nova Launcher as well. This goes same with Nova as well.
You will find some of the very useful features which come with Apex as well. The launcher has a back-up function which helps creating backup files for almost every function you have it in your phone. The launcher has its own way of locking the main screen of the phone, curbing the potentiality of any kind mishaps occurring to the phone screen. There are certain options you would be able to customize as well hide the status bar or the icon dock.

ADW Launcher: Mix and Match for the Pure Android Experience

If you want a launcher which has a plethora of customizable option as well as certain unique feature which can give your phone an absolute makeover, then this is the right launcher for you. One of the unique abilities which are involved in this launcher is the ability to mix and match utilities of the different themes and help in creation of different groups in the app drawer. The launcher share several similarities with the Jelly Bean 4.2 OS of Android. This makes it more user-friendly for the users.
The default theme of the launcher has uncanny similarities with that of the Android 4.2 Jellybean. It has three virtual buttons such as back, home and recent apps which runs along the bottom of the screen.
The ADW Launcher uses the standard art for icons, the same which is being used for Android. But if you opt for the paid version, the app would let you change the size and the color as well as change the color of the display. For the purpose of getting new themes, you will be able to download directly from the Google Play. ADW will show all the themes as a preview in the launcher.
But what makes the ADW launcher is the ability to mix and match. The launcher can pick and choose from a variety of themes for an exclusive custom look.
ADW comes with grid size of 10 rows and columns which can be customized by the users. The app also provides the functionality of infinite scrolling by which you would be able to manipulate the home screens whichever way you want to.
If you are having app icons or widgets which do not go well with the theme, then ADW gives you the option to remove, edit, manage or re-size the app. Through the help of the launcher you would be able shares the widgets and apps of your liking.
"So if you are willing to go for the pure Android experience, then ADW is the thing for you."

Action Launcher: When Action Says More Than Words

So you want your phone to look different from others? If you want your phone to look unique and different, then the action launcher is the thing for you. The action launcher can be considered as one of the launchers and is unique in its own way. The navigation of this particular launcher is highly dependent on the gestures for most of the navigation.
The app drawer is replaced in this case and has been taken over by a slide out navigation drawer from the left hand side of the screen. The navigation drawer in case of this app helps in accessing all the user’s apps and widgets. In the process it helps in freeing up the screen by taking out the traditional dock of the Android.
Through the action Launcher you would be able to manipulate the applications through the help of your gestures. Just swipe your hand over the browser shortcut and you would be able to open an app laden folder. Set up specific shortcuts through which you would be able to access your bookmarks, gaming apps or whatever you wish to have.
Your widgets can also be set up through gestures. Assign the widgets through shortcuts. You can pause, play, sweep back or forward only by the swipe of a hand. The Action Launcher gives you the option of customizing all your widget keys. Combine all your favorite widgets and put them together.
The Action Launcher also comes with a customization option, which can help you tweak and tune individual icons as well as every available grid on a separate basis. One other thing which segregates the Action Launcher from the rest of the launchers in the market is its clean and minimalist features.


This hub has been able to showcase some of the magnificent works of the groups of professional Android Application Developers in the form of launchers though in no particular order. If you are a person who loves to fidget around with your Android phone, than these launchers are the things for you.

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Double Chocolate Brownies

Double Chocolate Brownies

3/4 cup melted butter
3/4 cup AP flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 eggs, large
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup white chocolate chips
zest from 1 lemon

Combine all the ingredients into a bowl, except for the chocolate chips, mix well.  Add the chocolate chips.  

Pour into a 9 x 9 greased pan, bake in a 350F oven for about 30 minutes.  I used different sized tins and adjusted the timing, it was about 25 minutes, depending on how truffley you prefer your brownies. 

Espresso Whipped Cream

Whipping Cream
Finely ground espresso beans
sugar (optional)

Whip the cream, add the sugar about 1/2 way through whipping (if using).  Stir in as little or as much ground espresso beans as desired.  I prefer not to use sugar, that's just me.

Serve with various different fruits, cherries, strawberries, blueberries.  All work well.

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The heat and humidity here today are through the roof.  This is the first meal of the day, hunger just wasn't around for me today.  I would highly recommend this cold, refreshing soup on those days you just can't face turning on the stove or lighting up the BBQ (those are rare I know).  With an avocado relish to spoon on top, delicious!!!


1/2 cucumber, seeded and peeled, diced
1 pint orange or yellow tomatoes, roughly chopped
1 pint red tomatoes, roughly chopped
1 clove of garlic, minced
1/2 onion, roughly chopped
1 - 2 sweet red bell peppers, roughly chopped

Place all of the above in a food processor or blender and pulse until just slightly chunky.  I did mine in two batches, one I pureed, the other I left chunkier.  Place in a container in the fridge for at least 2 hours.  This soup is meant to be served cold.

Avocado Relish

1 lime, juiced
1 avocado, diced
1/2 sweet red bell pepper, diced
Italian parsley or cilantro, roughly chopped

Place all in a bowl and gently mix together.  Do this close to the time you are going to serve the gazpacho.

Optional:  Drizzle of Sherry vinegar.

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Dangerous Acts After Eating a Meal

We all probably remember our moms telling us not to run out and play too soon after eating or not to jump into the pool and start swimming right after a meal.  Sometimes the advice we get runs the course from urban myths, half truths, to possibly very useful.  So what is safe to do these days in an age where warning labels seem to be on everything and concerns about our health and safety  reigns supreme.  Well, let us not get too far down the path of trying to over analyze everything we eat and assess what is safe to do from a physical exertion perspective.  Nevertheless, it is prudent to understand some of the basic good advice out there and these revelations may be pretty surprising.
Dangerous Acts After Eating

What is Unsafe To Do After Eating a Big Meal

1.  I think smoking is never good for you and if you engaged in the habit, find a way to quit.  But studies have revealed that if you smoke right after eating your meal, the intake of all the bad toxins from the smoke has a greater adverse impact on your health akin to smoking multiple cigarettes.
2. Most everyone loves their fruits, right?  After all, it is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Well, there is a lot of good to be gained from eating many types of fruits, but do not be so quick to consume your fruit after a hearty meal because the effect of consuming fruits will cause your stomach to bloat with a lot of air.  It is best to wait an hour or so after you eat or likewise do not tackle a large meal until an hour or so after you snack on some fruit so to avoid unnecessary gas.
3. I love all kinds of tea.  Hot tea and ice tea, with a lot of lemon.  But if you just downed a big portion of some really tasty food you should probably  be wary about drinking a great deal of tea because the tea leaves consist of a great deal of acid and when that acts on the protein you have eaten in your meal it makes for some difficulty in digestion.
4. OK, so you have had your favorite plate of something and you decided to go back and get more.  Now you are feeling pretty full and want to let out a belt place or two.  Well not so quick because loosening the belt to relieve some of the pressure can contribute to your intestine become somewhat twisted and blocked and you really are not going to feel so well in the you know what department.
5. Well, this may come as some surprise but Mom was right about one thing.  Do not be so eager to rush out and jump into the water or bathe in warm water because the act of taking a bath will not sit well with your blood flow level and cause an increase of blood to your legs and hands and body.  As a result, your digestive system will not have as much blood flow as it really needs and this essentially diminishes the efficiency of digestion.
6.  Believe it or not, after eating a big meal, it is not so wise to try to walk it off.  The act of doing so will make it more difficult for the digestive system to absorb the nutrition from the food you just consumed.
7.  The last thing you ought to avoid right after eating is going right too sleep and sleeping for a long period of time.  Again, it can be a digestive nightmare if you just shut everything down and seek out your sleep time.  The body has evolved over many millions of years and it does pretty darn good job of handling the digestive duties so long as you do not practice extremes.  So where robust physical exertion is not wise for digestive purposes, nor is no activity and giving in to a long slumber.

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5 Website Development Tricks to Monetize Your E-business

5 Website Development Tricks to Monetize Your E-business

Smart yet simple tricks that help businesses to monetize their website development efforts
E-commerce website development is set to drive business in the times to come. With multiple-channel distribution catering to fragmented user base e-commerce could become the one-stop hub for driving business ROIs.
Let’s take a look at the top 5 website development tricks to monetize your e-business:

Make it Work!

Make it Work
Prior to launch of your website ensure that it runs properly on at-least three well-known web browsers. As per StatCounter, the most popular web browser as of January 2013 are Google Chrome 37% usage share, Internet Explorer with 26% usage share, Firefox with 23% usage share followed by Opera and Others with 3% and 2% share respectively. Hence, test your website on the top performing browsers as it will increase the likelihood of your site getting more traffic and in turn more conversions.

Highlight Actionable Areas

Highlight Actionable Areas
Place appropriate call to action options such as contact details, e-mail address, phone number, fax number, hot-line number, chat ids and anything which will bring the user in touch with the company representative. A good practice is to keep a live chat window with the name of the customer service personnel. Design shopping carts in a way that they are easily visible and customizable by the users. Moreover, give users the liberty to add products to their shopping cart even they do not wish to get register with your site. Provide ample freedom at every step of the process and keep the process as simple and quick as possible.

Make An Intimidating Presentation

Display product descriptions in a concise and legible format. Do not exaggerate the value of your product. Include product video demos in your site or 3D high-resolution images; this is important because your users cannot touch or feel the product thus, they need to view it properly before purchase. Make room for product reviews and ratings as much as possible. Many customers buy online based on the recommendations of their friends, colleagues or other buyers. Do not over-stuff the page with content, graphics and images as it will only confuse the users.

Design a Linear Check-Out Process

Design a Linear Check-Out Process
Design a check-out process that is not more than 2 or 3 steps. Ask for information like payments details, postal address, contact numbers, e-mail ids and so on just once. Never ask for the same information again and again at every page. Make sure the page loads fast and buyers are able to finish purchasing in a one-way process. Provide product recommendations related to their purchase at the end of their purchase. Here, too do not offer too many suggestions so as to distract your suers. Provide limited but precise options which act like a reminder and not as a way to push more sales.

Acknowledge and Reward

Thank users for making a purchase form your site. Offer them discounts, rewards or surprise brownie points to motivate them to keep coming back for repeated purchases. Good idea is to place a simple form in this area for users who might have additional queries or place links or the the best is to place a link for the FAQ section of the site here. This link can also be provided prior to making the purchase or after it. The idea behind this is to win the trust of the customers and build satisfying experiences.

To wrap it up

Website development plays a key role in driving customers to any business under the sun. Shoppers today wish for a personalized and engaging online shopping experience.
As per a study conducted by Forrester states that US e-commerce sales will grow 62% by 2016 to USD 327 million followed by Europe, Brazil, China, India and Indonesia. E-commerce website development is offering a hoist of mega-opportunities in the time to come.

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15 Best Alternatives to Google Reader

Just like other Google apps, the Google Reader is a very useful tool as this web-based aggregator allows you to read and build a reading list on Atom and RSS feeds, regardless if you are online and offline. However, due to the decline of use in recent years, Google has decided to kill it, so here are the best alternatives to Google Reader so you will not be left out hanging.

15. Flipboard

For those who use iOS to check out their RSS feeds, Flipboard offers an extensive array of features. A revolutionary social news app, it collects the content from social media and other websites into something that looks like a magazine with fun and unique layouts, so you can enjoy browsing them.

14. The Old Reader

While the Old Reader was designed to look and operate a lot like the Google Reader, it is, however, a much better option as it allows you to browse your contents, share it with your friends, and add some notes and comments as well.

13. Newsblur

Also available on iPhone, iPad, and other Android phones, you can easily sign up for a free Newsblur account.  This app not only preserves the original site when you open a post or a story, but also features an easy to understand interface. It also comes with ‘intelligence’ features as it analyzes rating and popularity of individual feeds.

12. Feedly

Also available on Android, Feedly is an aggregator that makes it easy to import the most visited news on the web, with a new guide on how you can migrate from Google Reader to Feedly. Aside from offering different viewing styles such as titles, full article, magazines, mosaic, etc.; it also offers the most comprehensive sharing options today.

11. Netvibes

A web-based aggregator that supports iGoogle-style widgets, Netvibes acts more like a social media dashboard while letting you subscribe to RSS feeds from different web pages and blog. Though it does not have a mobile app yet, sharing options can be done by using Facebook and Twitter or sent over email. It is also a simple and reliable monitoring tool for reading web content.

10. Reeder

An aggregate for iPhone, iPad and Mac, the Reeder app can also be synced with Google Reader with useful features like save-state to the app, etc. Besides the new internet plug-ins that can be now disabled at the bottom right of the window, it also offers new sharing services for Macs, while posts on Facebook and Twitter now use the system wide-sharing service, the Mountain Lion.

9. Webreader

Your very own personal newspaper, the Webreader utilizes text-to-speech technology with its web page recognition; wherein you can also configure the web pages you are going to read as soon as they are loaded, read these pages manually, or read only sections of the text.

8. Feedbooster

A web-based feed aggregator, Feedbooster offers an ad-free soothing interface that comes in three formats to read your feeds. It has a multi-dimensional search across all RSS feeds with Google-like search operators; as well as several powerful feed sorting features such as alphabetically, by frequency, by folder, tag, date, source, author, or language.

7. Omea Reader

Free and easy to access, the Omea Reader is a fast aggregate that keeps you organized. It also offers additional features such as contextual access, lightning-fast desktop search, quick extensibility, flexible information organizer, and so much more. You can also synch your emails, contacts, and tasks with MS Outlook ™, so they will be all on one place.

6. RSS Owl

A bugfix that can resolve your issues when synchronizing articles with attachments with Google Reader, the RSS Owl allows you to search for feeds by keywords with the help of the Tool Menu. You can also create tasks and synced them with MS Outlook ™ complete with link resources, due date and reminder.

5. GreatNews

For optimized fastreading, GreatNews displays full images of news articles across RSS feeds, so you can skim through the pages in seconds. It also allows you to highlight the most interesting news with fully customizable keywords, background colors, etc., while storing all your favorite articles locally.

4. FeedReader

For dynamic lists and powerful search of top feeds, the FeedReader allows you to pick your feeds depending on what you really want. A free RSS and Atom aggregator for Windows, it has auto-discovery feature, so you can find RSS feeds in an automated fashion; with keyboard shortcuts and small installation file.

3. FeedDemon

The most popular RSS reader for Windows, FeedDemon offers an easy to use interface so you can be updated in a snap. Besides allowing for Google Reader synchronization, it also features tagging to locate articles, watches, search feeds alert when your keywords appear, and has Podcast capabilities.

2. Taptu

Taptu, a social news reader, lets you add contents from social media sites or blogs and then transform them into beautiful visual streams. You can also mix and merge your contents in StreamStudio or pep them up using the Taptu Magic.

1. Pulse

A free web alternative to Google Reader, Pulse lets you choose from a wide range of interests and subscribe to RSS feeds where you can share stories and save something interesting from services like Evernote. Also available for Android and iOS app, it has a beautifully designed and easy to use interface that provides a very efficient way to read RSS feeds from a number of exciting sources.

Top Steps You Need to Know Before Website Design

There are many facets of web design. If you think that hiring an efficient web designer would end the task, probably you are on a wrong track. For a successful website, you have to do a lot of things. Careful planning is important to save cost, time and effort along with money, in the long run. Below are some top steps you need to know before boarding on a web design:

Market analysis

Analysing certain components like target market, niche, site evaluation and tracking methods would give you the direction for building your website, thus helping to make it a grand success and little mistakes.

Purpose of creating

What is the purpose of creating the website? Is it for trading? Is it for auctioning? Know your purpose before you decide on designing.

Targeting the right audience

It is essential to keep in mind that aiming for the correct set of audience would help you to save time while designing and also bring in the right kind of visitors to your site. Include elements in the design such that it attracts your audience.

Select a good theme

Opt for a good theme, as it must reach the right audience uninterruptedly. It conveys that your company would provide good support in meeting users’ needs.

Calculation of costs

Calculate the cost of designing and also the benefits of an efficient design. It should not end up costing a fortune or an amount which you will not be able to recover easily.

Time is precious

Recognize the time factor for building and designing the site. Set a time limit for completing the work to launch it in the earliest time possible on the World Wide Web.

Attractive domain name

Be careful and contemplate on a good domain name, as this cannot be changed easily and people must remember it easily.

Find a good Web designer

The success of a site also depends on the designer, who designs your website. Do a little research, to find the best expert, who has good experience and extra capabilities to make your website attractive.

Usage of appropriate keywords

Usage of keywords, whether in content or meta-tags, plays an equal role. Usage of proper keywords helps in retaining visitors.

Tips for designing the website

Your web design should be such that it is search engine friendly. Insertion of relevant images, maps, colours and backgrounds depending on the theme can add value to your website.


Users leave valuable information and data on your site. Providing security is important for protection of such data. Find out what security measures can be incorporated in the design to make the site safe.

Create a feedback page

Some space for lodging questions and feedback about your site should be incorporated in the design, which can help you to upgrade your site.

4 essential rules of effective logo design

A logo is an essential part of your company brand. It works together with elements such as your website, collateral, brand promise, and marketing efforts to set the tone for your company as a whole in the public arena. And while this sounds simple enough, many logos tend to overshoot or fall short.
Let’s see if your logo makes the grade and consider four essential rules for successful logo design.

Test Your Logo

Before sharing the rules of logo design, let’s start out by grading the latest logo you’ve created. Spend a minute and answer the 14 questions below (you can do it in your head):

Get one point for each “yes” below

  • Does your logo work horizontally?
  • Does your logo have both horizontal and vertical options?
  • Does your logo work in black and white?
  • Does your logo work on both black and white backgrounds without a box around it?
  • Can you sketch all non-typography elements in five seconds or less?
  • Did you buy the font you used in the logo?
  • Do you have less than two fonts? 

Subtract one point for each “yes” below

  • Do you use more than two colors in your logo?
  • Do you have more than one shape in addition to the wordmark (text) in your logo?
  • Are any shapes in your logo explicit instead of abstract? (i.e. a globe or something else recognizable)
  • Did you use any clip art in your logo?
  • Is there a photo or complex pattern in your logo?
  • Do you have a gradient in your logo?
  • Did you use default font kerning?


 <0 about="" br="" don="" even="" it="" t="" think="">1-4 = Acceptable for a $50-million-a-year company
5+ = Great job!
Regardless of how you did, rest assured there are always ways to get better. Improving a logo relies on an understanding of brand and how brand differs from the visual identity of a company or organization.

Brand vs. logo

Your brand is the sum total of every interaction that someone has with your organization. Your brand is the music a client hears while holding for a call. Your brand is your parking lot. It’s your front lobby and how clean your bathrooms are. Your brand is every interaction with someone on your team.
So what part does your logo play in your brand?
Your logo shows up everywhere. On your website, business cards, letterhead, signs, cars, and advertisements. It goes everywhere you go.
But it isn’t the logo’s job to tell the whole story.
Which logos look most professional and reputable?
Compare the logos above. Notice how most major corporations get by with a wordmark, or at most some very basic geographic shapes? Compare them to the smaller companies in this list who have multiple fonts, colors, and shapes.
A logo should be an impression. A suggestion. A clue. A logo’s job is to provide a legible, recognizable team uniform for your marketing material to wear. A logo works in conjunction with your name to make your brand unique. But by no means should a logo tell the whole story.

4 rules of logo design

 1. Start with your brand

When deciding on a logo consider your brand first. Ask tough questions. Know who your clients are and what they want from you. Know what you want from your clients. Do research and think hard about your company’s mission statement.
Remember to ask the right questions internally. If you ask ten people if they prefer blue or green, you won’t get anywhere. But if you ask, “Is it more important that we look technical (blue) or trendy (green)?” then you’re moving in the right direction. If you start out by showing logo concepts and asking what people like, you’ve already lost. Once you’ve more clearly defined your brand then you can ensure your logo effectively represents that brand.

2. Simplify

The more lines, shapes, stories, colors, and fonts you have in your logo, the more provincial you look. If being provincial is part of your brand then feel free to break this rule. Otherwise less is more. Remember your logo isn’t the whole story, it’s a single unifying thought.
Try to limit your logo to a single font. Two is fine if your tagline is part of your logo. Three is just wrong regardless of your size. Go for solid colors over gradients. Gradients never print well and almost always look amateur.

3. Shoot for ten times your size

If you’re a million-dollar-a-year company, your logo should be as strong, or stronger, than your ten-million-dollar-a-year competitor.
Don’t worry about what the other million-dollar-a-year companies are doing in your space. Follow the advice of dressing for the job you want, choose your logo for the multi-billion dollar capitalist success story you know you are.

4. Know that someone will hate it

Let’s face it, someone isn’t going to be happy with your choice. Any major branding changes, such as logos, should be combined with an internal public relations campaign to make sure that people understand why you’ve made the choices you made.
Make sure anyone that can derail your design has their voice heard. The only thing worse than getting two dozen opinionated, smart, dedicated people to agree on one color is having five people pick the color and annoying the other nineteen.