Dangerous Acts After Eating a Meal

We all probably remember our moms telling us not to run out and play too soon after eating or not to jump into the pool and start swimming right after a meal.  Sometimes the advice we get runs the course from urban myths, half truths, to possibly very useful.  So what is safe to do these days in an age where warning labels seem to be on everything and concerns about our health and safety  reigns supreme.  Well, let us not get too far down the path of trying to over analyze everything we eat and assess what is safe to do from a physical exertion perspective.  Nevertheless, it is prudent to understand some of the basic good advice out there and these revelations may be pretty surprising.
Dangerous Acts After Eating

What is Unsafe To Do After Eating a Big Meal

1.  I think smoking is never good for you and if you engaged in the habit, find a way to quit.  But studies have revealed that if you smoke right after eating your meal, the intake of all the bad toxins from the smoke has a greater adverse impact on your health akin to smoking multiple cigarettes.
2. Most everyone loves their fruits, right?  After all, it is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Well, there is a lot of good to be gained from eating many types of fruits, but do not be so quick to consume your fruit after a hearty meal because the effect of consuming fruits will cause your stomach to bloat with a lot of air.  It is best to wait an hour or so after you eat or likewise do not tackle a large meal until an hour or so after you snack on some fruit so to avoid unnecessary gas.
3. I love all kinds of tea.  Hot tea and ice tea, with a lot of lemon.  But if you just downed a big portion of some really tasty food you should probably  be wary about drinking a great deal of tea because the tea leaves consist of a great deal of acid and when that acts on the protein you have eaten in your meal it makes for some difficulty in digestion.
4. OK, so you have had your favorite plate of something and you decided to go back and get more.  Now you are feeling pretty full and want to let out a belt place or two.  Well not so quick because loosening the belt to relieve some of the pressure can contribute to your intestine become somewhat twisted and blocked and you really are not going to feel so well in the you know what department.
5. Well, this may come as some surprise but Mom was right about one thing.  Do not be so eager to rush out and jump into the water or bathe in warm water because the act of taking a bath will not sit well with your blood flow level and cause an increase of blood to your legs and hands and body.  As a result, your digestive system will not have as much blood flow as it really needs and this essentially diminishes the efficiency of digestion.
6.  Believe it or not, after eating a big meal, it is not so wise to try to walk it off.  The act of doing so will make it more difficult for the digestive system to absorb the nutrition from the food you just consumed.
7.  The last thing you ought to avoid right after eating is going right too sleep and sleeping for a long period of time.  Again, it can be a digestive nightmare if you just shut everything down and seek out your sleep time.  The body has evolved over many millions of years and it does pretty darn good job of handling the digestive duties so long as you do not practice extremes.  So where robust physical exertion is not wise for digestive purposes, nor is no activity and giving in to a long slumber.

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