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Site collection basics SharePoint 2010

Every single min we talks about site collections as they are the heart core section of SharePoint. There are so many things that we usually do on site collections that consist of changing of site collection name, creation, deletion, change site quota, activating some features…… n so many things

How to delete a site collection in SharePoint 2010? §Open the Central Administration §Application Management §Site collections §Delete a site collection §Select the appropriate site link §Click OK
How to create a site collection in SharePoint 2010? §Open the Central Administration §Application Management §Site collections §Create site collections §Select the web application on which you wants to create a site collection §Enter the name of the site and URL as per your requirements §Select the template §Enter the primary and secondary admins §Select the storage quota that you want to assign §Click Create
How to Change site collection administrators? §Open the Central Administration §Application…

Backup Restore in SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has comes up with so many enhancements and backup restore is one of them. I will try my best here to cover the backup-restore based on GUI (Graphical User Interface), STSADM and Powershell so that you will be proficient enough to work on these mentioned methods independently. Backup Operations Backup operations are associated with: ·Site collection ·Subsite ·List and Document Libraries How to take the backup of the site collection: By using Central Administration ·Open the central administration ·Backup and Restore ·Granular Backup ·Perform a site collection backup ·Select the appropriate web application and site collection from the dropdown ·Provide the filename ·Start backup ·You will be redirected to _admin/sitebackuporexportstatus.aspx ·It shows the status ‘Operation initializing’ ·It will take some time to complete the backup depending on the size of the site collection ·As soon as the backup completed then the status will change to ‘Operation S…

Webpart basics in SharePoint 2010

A Web Part is a modular unit of information that forms the basic building block of a Web Part Page. You can add Web Parts to Web Part zones in a Web Part Page and then customize the individual Web Parts to create a unique page for your site users. Restore closed web parts? ·Open the sharepoint site ·Site actions ·Edit page ·Click on Insert ·Specify the location of the mouse cursor where you need to place that webpart ·Click on webpart ·It will open the web part gallery page ·Scroll down towards the bottom by means of categories section ·You will see a section named as “Closed webparts” ·As soon as you click on closed webpart then you will see a list in the right hand side ·Select the appropriate one which was closed and click on Add ·That’s it-webpart will be successfully restored back to the page where it exists before. J How to delete a webpart? ·Open the page where the Web part is located. ·Select Edit Page from the Site Actions drop-down menu. ·Click the Web part to be del…