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15 Apps to Help You Compress Images Without Losing Quality

t’s a known fact that search engines place great importance on how fast is your website. That’s why webmasters work hard on optimizing the process of reducing the page size. The process includes multiple factors, but among most important are: image optimizationcreating cache for pagesminimizing css if you are using WordPress than you should check the optimizing process… Today we will talk about image compression which can improve the page loading time a lot. Online Apps
The online apps are very practical because they don’t require you to install anything on your computer so no space is needed. You only need a image and the process will be executed on the website. 1. JPEG Mini This is an incredible easy to use and comprehensive tool for minimizing the size of your photo. With JPEG Mini you can reduce image sizes up to 5x and manage to keep the same appearance. 2. A service created by Yahoo! specialists to reduce unnecessary bytes from pictures. The service is “lossless” which …