5 Must Have Open Source Chat Applications

Over the years the technology has gone through many laps and folds and has evolved immensely so has the field of communication. Communication technology has evolved greatly and has improved a lot. A new way of communication has developed. Chatting has become very popular especially among teenagers.
Phone call rates may have reached a hike but chatting doesn’t cost even a bit . Only an internet connection is needed. A lot of various chat applications are available on the internet. These help the people communicate with others through texting, messaging and now a day’s even video and audio conferencing.
It also enables people to communicate people directly rather than chatting through emails and also these are a lot easier. Chat applications can be done either through phones or through the social networking sites. Networking sites, almost all of them have a chat application and even some business sites are equipped with them.
These enable them to chat and these messages are kept completely private and are completely secure. some of the best open source chat application are crypto cat, candy, Js chat  , big blue button and a lot more. I hope you would love these applications. Also share your valuable comments in our comment section below.

1) Big Blue Button

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance education.
It supports sharing of slides (PDF and PPT), video, whiteboard, chat, voice over IP (using FreeSWITCH), and desktops. It can record and playback sessions (slides, audio, and chat). It runs on Mac, Unix, and PC computers, and it is supported by a community of developers that care about good design and a streamlined user experience.

2) CryptoCat

Cryptocat lets you instantly set up secure conversations. It’s an open source encrypted, private alternative to other services such as Facebook chat.

3) Candy

There are plenty of web-based chat clients out there. Most of them are built to emulate your instant messenger. They offer you tons of settings. They can join multiple networks, let you edit your profile, and even manage your message history.

4) jsChat

5) iJab

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