Kenya – 10 Must do Activities for Travelers

Africa has become a popular tourist destination in the past several years. Its unique culture and vast expanses of land have made it a unique destination for many travelers. Most vacations include seeing wildlife and the landscape, learning about tribal culture and experiencing some of the bustling cities that quickly grown to become hotspots. Below is a list of just some of the things to do and places to see when traveling to Kenya.
Many people travel to Kenya for the express reason of going on a safari. The national parks protect much of the wildlife, making a safari a good chance to view some rarely seen animals. It’s not uncommon to see elephants, buffaloes or even a lion while on safari. This kind of wildlife, along with the beauty of the African plain makes Kenya one of the most popular spots for safaris in Africa and even the world.
Wildebeest Migration
Wildebeests migrate between Kenya and Tanzania every year between the months of July and October. During this migration, they cross the Grumeti River. In recent years, camps have been built so that tourists can watch the migration, complete with crocodile attacks and hundreds of thousands of wildebeests.
Swahili Coast
The Swahili culture is a mix of African, Indian and Arabic cultures. This mix has made it a unique culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Swahili coast also has many beach resorts, where travelers can spend time on the beach and swim in the Indian Ocean.
Tribal Villages
Kenya is home to a number of tribes that still live in the same way their ancestors have lived for thousands of years. One of the most famous of these is the Masai. A visit to a Masai village will educate travelers on their way of life, culture, traditional clothing and dances and much more.
Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya, is 17,057 feet at the top. This peak is an almost vertical climb, so trekking to the top is best reserved for trained and professional mountain climbers. However, there are many guides and tours that will take travelers almost 13,000 feet up the mountain. This provides for amazing views of Kenya and the surrounding country.
Kenya Beach
If Mount Kenya is for mountain climbing, Kenya Beach is for scuba diving. Watamu National Park, which runs along Kenya’s coast, has world famous diving. The reef is well preserved and the exotic fish that live there are easily seen at almost any time of year.
Although Kenya is known for the reefs, mountains and plains, there are also big cities that have become popular amount travelers. Nairobi, in East Africa, has a night life that includes clubs and restaurants that tend to have an adventurous flair. There’s also the National Museum of Nairobi which houses some of the oldest human remains on Earth.
Hot Air Balloon Ride
In recent years, hot air balloon rides have become a popular way to see Kenya’s national parks. These rides offer 360 degree views of the parks, and often the wildlife is more present. These rides usually only last for a few hours, but they provide a view of the parks that can’t be beat.
Dhows are smaller sailing boats that were historically used by Arab traders in the 8th century. Today, they make for a unique way to see the coast, and can be either economic or luxurious depending on the Dhow. Normally, travelers sleep on board the boat, and eat seafood caught daily.
Rhino Spotting
As mentioned above, safaris are a great way to see wildlife such as lions and elephants. However, Rhinoceros tend to be a little more cautious and are rarely seen. Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the new parks in Africa with a large rhino population. This makes the southern end of the lake, where most of the rhinoceros reside, a popular spot for travelers.
Kenya has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. For example, Canadian travel experts state that Nairobi is one of the fastest growing vacation destinations. With so many things to see and do in Kenya, it’s not a surprise that it’s experience such a growth in tourism. Many also believe that as Kenya continues to grow and to preserve its wildlife and culture, tourism will continue to boom as well.

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