The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi

The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi


Publisher    Westland
ISBN-10    9385724061
Number of Pages    588 Pages
Publication Year    2016 April
Language    English
ISBN-13    9789385724060

Ashwin Sanghi and his own genre of Indian Thriller (Historic) is out again with The Sialkot Saga, having read The Krishna Key and Chanakya’s Chant you do get attracted as the what the writer would give you in the new book.

The Sialkot Saga is a book that spreads over a period of time and it comes to present day India, both being and historic and also full of twists and turns it keeps you gripped and wanting for more.

The book is about Arvind and Arbaaz who have grown up during partition of India and their struggle for power. It intertwines, collides, races and also keeps you attached to the 2 characters as they merge and demerge personally as well as profesionally to gain power. The characters of Arvind and Arbaaz have a hold on you and that gives out all the moments of power struggle, clash of thoughts, politics, humanity, grace and everything that you can think of based on real life aspects and gaining power as well as loss of power. Both characters have a hold on you throughout the book and one does feel a loss after the book is over, you think of people whose lives have been affected by you and how it affects you as well as them.

History that starts from Emperor Ashoka and ends in present day India has been described very vividly and you do get lost in the old cities of Bombay and Calcutta. The cities of before 80's have a very soothing effect and you do get a sense of simple lives of olden times.

Ashwin Sanghi has studied and written this one, its crisp and clear and keeps you on the toes. This one is a good mix of showing as well as telling.

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