While working with database we need to store our information time to time. and for that purpose we take the backup for that database. Backing up a database provide many solutions for us. The main thing is if we lost our database from SQL Server then we can restore our database from our computer. Also when we perform changes in our database the backup database automatically update the changes to the backup file. In this article we are going to create a backup file of Database. The backup file always contain the extension (.bak). Also we are going to learn how to restore the database later in the article.
Backup Database:
Step 1: Right click on the Database Name-> choose Tasks -> click on back up.
Step 2:  Click on Add button to create a database file.
Step 3:  Choose the Location where do you want to save your backup file.
Step 4:  After inserting a name of your backup file click on ok. You will get the following message box.
Restore Database:
Step 1:  Right click on Database -> select Restore Database.
Step 2: Choose the Radio button “From device”. then click on the button to get the database backup file.
Step 3:  Click on the ‘Add’ Button to get the database backup file.
Step 4:  Choose the database backup file that you want to restore.
Step 5:  After selecting you click on ‘Ok’ button. Then you need to check the ‘Restore’ button. Then click on ok.
Step 6:  You can see the following window.

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