11 Steps to Make Wine

The following steps are informative only! They give an idea how wine is made:
  1. plantation (or grafting) of a vine stock
  2. growing of the grape-bunch
  3. harvesting the grapes
  4. de-stemming* and crushing the grapes
  5. alcoholic fermentation of the liquid
  6. maceration*
  7. raking the wine
  8. malolactic fermentation
  9. maturation of the wine
  10. bottling the wine
  11. tasting the wine
* : only for red wine, normally
Must : it is the grape-juice produced by crushing.

Alcoholic fermentation : the juice becomes wine under the natural action of yeast which changes sugar in alcohol.

Maceration : the pomace (skin, pips and stems) impregnate the must giving body and color.

Raking : pomace and must are separated. The must becomes "vin de goutte", the pomace becomes "vin de presse".

Malolactic fermentation : under the action of natural bacteria, the harsh malic acid changes itself in lactic acid supple and stable.

Maturation : the wine is clarified and put in casks/barrels to stabilize and perfects itself.

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