51 and a Half Uses of Twitter

Twitter, the definition of Twitter you probably already know. It is difficult to actually fully describe Twitter, as people use it for many, many things. Below are 51 and a half everyday uses of Twitter. This is by no means an exhaustive list.


Telling people what you are doing.

Tweeting your thoughts.

Discussing your thought.

Telling your emotions.

Quitting a job.

Complaining about a job.

Posting a job.

Discussing Google on Twitter.

Discussing Virtual love.

Complaining about sports.

Talking sports.

Discussing At-home business.

Discussing what’s bad for business.

Watching sports.

Discussing Firefox on Twitter.

Discussing Apps for Twitter.

Arguing about sports.

Discussing Live sports.

Discussing Virtual sports.

Discussing Live music.

Discussing Inspirational movies.

Reviewing movies.

Discussing Pirated movies.

Discussing the development movies.

Arguing about politics.

Discussing Facebook on Twitter.

Meetings on the job.

Interviewing for a job.

Getting lunch on the job.

Falling in love.

Losing love.

Funding a business.

Complaining about a business.

Advertising a business.

Calling out a business.

Looking for love.

Discussing Windows on Twitter.

Discussing Mac on Twitter.

Discussing iTunes on Twitter.

Listening to music.

Playing music.

Quoting music.

Downloading music.

Discussing LinkedIn on Twitter.

Following on Twitter.

Spam on Twitter.

Down Twitter.

Humour on Twitter.

Creating words on twitter.

Saved on Twitter.

Discussing the community of Twitter.

Basically its all upto you what you want to do...it may sound crazy but twitter can become your second world

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