How to Make a Glitter & Re-Inker Ornament

How to Make a Glitter & Re-Inker Ornament

I showed this to my Stampin' Up! club ladies and promised I would post the instructions (w/ pictures) on here for them and my other customers - I hope y'all will try these out - they're SO easy and the results are so fab!!



  • Clear Glass Ornament

  • Dye Re-inker (Stampin' Up! ink used for these - I do not know how other types of ink will work with this as I've only used SU Classic re-inkers)

  • Water (optional)

  • Paper Towel

  • Rubber/Latex Gloves

  • Fine Glitter (I use SU! Dazzling Diamonds Glitter for these)

  • Small Powder Pal OR scrap paper shaped into a funnel

  • Small container (to drain the ink into - I used an empty plastic film container)



Remove the top and hanger of the ornament (be careful as you're doing it as the glass is very thin and the hanger pops open as it's pulled out)

Put on your gloves before moving to the next step.


STEP 2: (optional)

I decided to get a little creative and mixed my own color using Night of Navy, Ballet Blue and some water (there's no specific amount - I just kept adding till I got it how I want it). I mixed it all in a plastic film container.

***When you mix your own tho MAKE SURE to make enough for the ornaments you're doing (or write down the specific amounts of re-inker and water you used) - otherwise when you have to make more they will be different colors.***



***If you skipped step 2 and want to use just re-inker - add approx 20 drops to your ornament.***

Pour the ink mixture into the ornament.



Place your thumb over the opening of the ornament (and make sure you've fully covered it otherwise you'll have a mess on your hands!) - and gently swirl the ink around until the ornament is fully covered.

**DON'T shake the ornament w/ the ink - this creates a lot of bubbles and makes it look splotchy.**



Place ornament upside down over the small container (I used the same one I mixed the ink in) to drain the ink.



Place the ornament onto paper towel and rotate it a bit to drain more of the ink (it tends to pool slightly at the opening and on the lip and if you don't drain the excess ink it will run and create streaks when you add the glitter).


STEP 7: (optional)

I use my small powder pall to funnel the glitter into the ornament - you can also make a funnel out of scrap paper (and tape it so it holds its shape):


Pour about 1 1/2 teaspoons of glitter into the ornament.



Place thumb over opening and SHAKE the ornament until the glitter has fully covered the inside.

**If you can no longer hear any glitter hitting the inside and you don't think that it's covered enough, add more glitter and keep shaking.**



Turn your ornament over onto your Powder Pal (or scrap paper) and *gently* tap it to remove the excess glitter.


When using darker ink colors the glitter will get dyed using it this way - you can save it to use w/ more ornaments of the same color - or you can store it in an empty film container/ziplock bag etc to use in other projects.

***Note - these ornament use a LOT of glitter - I used an entire container of Dazzling Diamonds on about 8 or 9 ornaments. So make sure you have plenty on hand for the amount of ornaments you're doing!***


STEP 10:

Gently put the topper and hanger back on to the ornament (I found the hanger scraped a little of the glitter off the inside but it's not noticeable). That's it!!


I did 24 (minus one that I accidentally broke) of these for my Christmas tree - half were the color I did for the tutorial, the other half was done by mixing Bashful Blue ink w/ water to make a really pale blue.

I hope I explained how to do these clearly enough!! I LOVED the results and they are so easy to make.

I got the ornaments at Michaels (they were 50% off!! yay!) - they come in sets of 6 usually?? You can get different shapes tho I saw a thread on SCS that someone had a lot of trouble w/ the square ones being really blotchy as the ink wouldn't drain properly - so I'm sticking w/ the round ones.

The ink and glitter sticks really well to the insides - I know I always wondered HOW it did but it does!! I did most of them a couple of weeks ago and they're fine.

If you screw up or it just looks really blotchy when you're done you can rinse out the ornament in the sink and try again.

I tied Silver Cord (from Stampin' Up!) to each ornament so I could hang them on the tree - the ornaments didn't come w/ anything for this. Clear fishing line will also work well instead of cord.


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