How to Build a Mailing List

4 Steps to Building a Mailing List Quickly

1. Create a product. If you want to build a list quickly, product creation is huge. What you will be doing is creating an information product and putting it on the click bank marketplace. When you create your product, you're going to include several opt-in forms on your sales page. So, when affiliates promote your product for you, your list grows. This is using the power of leverage at its fullest potential.

2. Banner advertising. Find a high ranking website that gets lots of traffic each month. Then inquire about advertising on their website. If you have your own product, you most likely have some banners that you could use for this. If not, that's alright. Use what you can find. The whole purpose of this is to drive traffic to your squeeze page to generate subscribers to your mailing list.

3. Write articles for traffic. Article writing is my personal favorite. You can't beat generating targeted traffic that will purchase your products from you. Articles are great for driving direct traffic to your squeeze page. Keep in mind that you are competing on a day to day basis. So, write many articles each day. This will ensure that you generate the amount of traffic it will take to convert to subscribers.

4.Joint ventures. Find someone in your niche and propose a joint venture. Make sure that they have a list with similar demographics and size. Also, it's a good idea to make sure your list knows who your partner is. This is to avoid spam laws and anything of that sort.

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