Legal Settlement Advances - 5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Chances

Legal Settlement Advances - 5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Chances

Would you like to greatly accelerate the review and approval of your loan application? Here are 5 simple steps to follows:
1. Ensure that the fax number for your attorney is accurate. The review process cannot be started without it.

2. Submit a police report, if applicable, as soon as possible. To obtain legal settlement advances, you must identify parties responsible for injuries/losses sustained. Police Reports are an excellent resource from which to obtain this information. Notify your attorney that he/she should expect a fax from the lender selected very soon.

3. Provide any required "Authorization to Release Records" (e.g., medical, financial loss, etc.) as soon as possible. Try to be inclusive with this information. You don't want to get stuck with a bill after you have waived all rights to collect from an offending party.

4. Follow up with your attorney frequently to ensure that your application may be reviewed as quickly as possible.

5. Clearly identify your losses and/or injuries. Once again, remember to include all relevant losses.

The mechanism of injury, viz., the manner in which the incident occurred, is key in determining the viability of your claim.
If you fail to provide needed information, you have little chance in succeeding in your loan application.
The amount of loss and/or injury will determine, to a large degree, the amount of the loan provided. Be clear and thorough!
Once your application is approved, anticipate receipt of your loan very quickly.
Remember, these loans are "non-recourse" (i.e., you pay nothing back unless and until you win your case).
It is to your benefit to make certain your attorney works quickly to assist you in obtaining the requested loan. Your attorney is very likely to have many clients, and you want to see to it that your request is not lost in the shuffle.

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