Easy Way to Record PC with DBox Winserver

Sometimes you need to record your PC to see any activity or make a tutorial about how to PC using. DBox Winserver offer easy and simple when you record your PC. DBox Winserver have supported by UDRec and GGrab. Use this tools you no need more skill in using.

DBox Win server

How to using it

Download DBox Winserver v0.4.2.e (21.09.2008) first

1) Create a directory on your PC to store your recordings

2) Install Dbox Winserver

3) Add a shortcut to dboxwinsvr.exe to your Startup directory in the Start menu

4) Run Winserver

5) Click the Settings tab and enter your Dbox IP, the port should already be 4000. Set the output directory to the directory you created above

6) Click the Generally tab and remove the tick from Windows after recording unless you want it to perform the action in the dropdown box once it’s finished

7) Select Use UDRec (I Prefer GGrab)

8 ) Click the UDRec tab and select Record only 1 Stream under Audio and Record as MPEG-Streams under Stream File

9) Select Multiplex MPEG Streams after recording. (Keep an eye on your hard drive space though, as you effectively have 2 copies, the muxed and the demuxed. If you can get GGrab to work for you, you can have it only create the mpg file)

10) Click Save.

Feel free to record your PC with simple tools. Record your PC only with little skill with DBox Winserver

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