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What is Employee Leasing?

Smaller companies looking to expand their workforce may be comfortable with the technical side of the hiring process, but not the human resource side. Business owners often find themselves overwhelmed by all the payroll accounting, record keeping and benefits which accompany newly hired employees. One popular solution to this problem is the practice of employee leasing.
Employee leasing is similar to the process of hiring temporary workers, but the key difference is permanency. A company wishing to pursue employee leasing will first contact a professional employment organization (PEO) to discuss its particular employment needs. The PEO or other employment leasing company might set up an interview process for recruiting new staff, or might take responsibility for existing workers. The company can still participate in the hiring process, but any hired personnel will officially work for the employee leasing company.

For many employees, the switch from their original company to an employee leasing company is actually a better deal financially. Since a typical PEO handles a large number of employees from numerous companies, future health insurance and other benefits can be negotiated in bulk. A worker at a small electronics company can enjoy the same level of benefits as a worker in a massive automotive plant. Wages and performance reviews are under the auspices of the employee leasing organization, not the original companies.

Employers often pursue employee leasing options in order to eliminate the need for accountants and human resource managers. The employee leasing agency charges a fee in addition to the employees' wages, much like temporary employment agencies. This fee is often less than the cost of hiring human resource experts and payroll accountants. Because workers are not considered employees of the company in a legal sense, personal injuries and workers' compensation claims become the responsibility of the employee leasing agency.

leasing is not a perfect solution for some companies, however. Since workers are not completely under the control of management, communications may become strained. Conflicts may have to be arbitrated by representatives of the employee leasing agency. Termination of non-productive workers may not be as simple as handing out pink slips. Certain union contracts actually prohibit the use of employee leasing agencies or PEOs in order to prevent companies from outsourcing their human resource departments.

How Does Lemon Law Work

    Why a Lemon Law?

  1. The purpose of all consumer protections, such as the lemon law, is to create trust in the marketplace by eliminating gross fraud and unfair warranties. The existence of substandard merchandise is negative for consumers, who receive faulty goods, as well as for manufacturers, who often stake their reputation on the performance and reliability of their products. Lemon laws protect both sides by clearly defining what constitutes a lemon and how consumers can be compensated for faulty goods. The lemon laws are a specific subset of broader consumer protections that deal specifically with problem vehicles.

  2. What is a Lemon?

  3. Most people know a lemon when they have one--a new car that for some reason doesn't perform the way it should and that no amount of repairs seem to correct. With all the cars that are manufactured, some are inevitably just bad and never meet expected standards. But legal definitions of a lemon are crucial for finding protection under the law. The federal lemon law listed in the Uniform Commercial Code provides consumers the right to a refund or replacement of a lemon, however, the definition is very vague. It says a lemon is "any new vehicle that has a substantial problem that isn't fixed within a reasonable number of attempts, or that has had a certain number of days out of service." Because the federal code doesn't define exactly how long a car is "new," or the number of days it must be out of service, most actions under the lemon law rely on state laws, which can vary widely. Most, however, use the amount of time since the purchase of the vehicle and its mileage, to determine "newness."
  4. Using the Lemon Law

  5. Lemon laws put the burden on the seller to identify any condition of the vehicle that might impair its operation, safety or value, and if they do, a buyer accepts the vehicle "as is," and exempts the seller from liability. But if the buyer was not accurately apprised in advance of the vehicle's condition, the lemon laws describe the processes by which disputes can be resolved, usually by either bringing the vehicle in line with an express warranty, replacement, refund, or recourse to some other form of arbitration. A reputable dealer should compensate the buyer in one of these ways upon identification of a lemon, but if not, the buyer might be forced to pursue the cause in court. To set the process in motion, it's crucial for the buyer of a car to keep thorough records of the vehicle's problems and any attempts they make to repair or resolve the issue. This not only means copies of the warranty, owner's manual, and service records, but also notes of any conversations with the dealership or mechanics, including dates and times. The more complete the paper trail detailing the situation, the more likely that lemon laws can be evoked to provide relief for the consumer. Other forms of vigilance, such as reading consumer news and reporting sites to learn if any other buyers have had similar problems, can help bring the appropriate pressure on the responsible parties. Enlisting the help of organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or a local consumer advocate can help raise the profile and effectiveness of a claim.

Farmville Stars and Crop Mastery

The Farmville makers have been introducing new game elements at a steady rate since the launch. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of Farmville crop mastery and the 3 stars system.It adds even more interest to an already great game.
Crop mastery is not something that will make you rich but it does give you rewards in XP’s (experience points) and coins. You also get a sign saying that you have achieved mastery for the particular crop. Bragging rights are always worth something. I, for one, am very proud of my neat row of crop mastery signs- even if that row is pretty short right now.

When Does Crop Mastery Kick in and How do I get it?

Once you reach level ten you can sign up for crop mastery (free). Now, when you go to the market you will see stars under the crops.

How Do I Earn Stars?
You earn one crop mastery point for each plot harvested of the crop concerned. Each crop has a different number of points that you need to accumulate before you get the different stars. The slower growing crops generally need fewer mastery points but Farmville haven’t made all stars equally easy to get. You need to study the tables a little to see how long each will take.
Most people will still chose a crop on the basis of how much it earns in XP and coins. At the same time, I know have been swayed a few times in my crop choices by that itch to get another star.
One thing you will notice is that it takes a lot fewer points to go from 0 to 1 star and 1 star to 2 stars than it does from 2 stars to 3 stars. These game designers can be fiends.
(click column header to sort results)
Crop   One Star   Two Stars   Three Stars   Total for Crop Mastery  
Acorn Squash 1500 1500 7000 10000
Asparagus 825 825 4125 5775
Aloe Vera 1000 2000 7500 10500
Artichoke 200 50 70 320
Black Berry 2500 5000 18750 26250
Bell Pepper 350 270 455 1075
Broccoli 425 325 550 1300
Blueberry 1600 3200 12000 16800
Cabbage 500 375 665 1540
Carrot 1000 1000 5000 7000
Corn 425 215 160 800
Cotton 300 150 115 565
Cranberry 450 650 2900 4000
Daffodil 250 188 328 766
Eggplant 175 135 230 540
Green Tea 1400 1400 7000 9800
Ghost Chili 1200 2400 9000 12600
Grapes 425 850 1275 2550
Lavender 450 338 590 1378
Lilies 500 1000 1500 3000
Onion 825 825 4125 5775
Morning Glory 500 1000 1500 3000
Pattypan Squash 500 1000 3500 5000
Pineapple 425 325 550 1300
Peas 600 1200 1800 3600
Peppers 425 850 1275 2550
Potatoe 425 215 160 800
Pink Roses 450 388 590 1428
Pumpkin 500 1000 3750 5250
Raspberries 2000 4000 15000 21000
Red Tulip 500 1000 1500 3000
Red Wheat 410 200 150 760
Rice 400 400 2000 2800
Soybeans 150 300 450 900
Squash 200 150 270 620
Strawberry 500 1000 3750 5250
Sugar Cane 1300 1300 8400 11000
Sunflower 575 1150 1725 3450
Tomatoe 850 1700 6450 9000
Watermelon 410 100 130 640
Wheat 200 100 75 375
Yellow Melon 425 115 130 670
Coffee 500 1,000 3,750 5,250

What Do I get Out of Crop Mastery besides those pretty Stars and signs?

First of all, I wouldn’t run down ‘pretty’. One of the best things about Farmville is that the farm becomes more beautiful and more rewarding to work on as you get through the levels. Stars and signs are just as good as the new decorations that become available at each level!
I also like spending time just looking over neighbor's farms to see if they have anything I have missed out on somehow, whether it is a way of arranging things better or a decoration that I have never come across before. When I see a lot of signs I zoom in to see what a really good farmer can achieve.
We all like the coins though. so for those who need to know, here is the the bottom line:
Every time you go up a star level you get a coin reward
1 Star - 25 XP & 500 coins.
2 Star - 75 XP & 1500 coins.
3 Stars - 250 XP & 5000 coins.
If you post up your achievement, your friends will also benefit.
Rewards for Friends
1 Star =50 coins.
2 Stars= 100 coins.
3 Stars= 150 coins.
It is always nice to be popular- especially if it means you get more gifts..

Crop Mastery and Premium Crops

Once you have achieved crop mastery for a particular crop you will start getting premium crops. These are bigger than ordinary crops, look great and yield more.
The process is pretty random. Some squares planted with a crop you have mastered will grow as premium crops some will not. It seems to vary between 10% and 40%.
Premium crops give you up to 8 XP on harvesting which can be a significant jump in returns. Remember that non-premium crops give no XP on harvesting.
The XP gained at harvest seems similar for the different crops overall. The smaller the percentage of your crop that turns into a premium crop, the bigger the XP payout per square.
What can I do with My Mastery Sign?
There are only 2 options.
  • You can display it proudly.
  • You can delete it.
I would only delete mine if I was short of room for a second villa. That is a not a problem, right now. Unfortunately!
One thing you cannot do is sell it. That would be wrong- FarmVille crop mastery is all about the glory.

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How To Sell Structured Insurance Settlement

Recipients of monthly payments may not be aware that they may sell structured insurance settlement payment rights to organizations that can, in return, provide a lump sum of cash to be used by the seller immediately. Although the promise of regular payments through a structured settlement may sound appealing at first, many recipients find that having access to cash, even if it amounts to less than the total annuity payment over time, is a better deal.

People who decide to sell structured insurance settlements do so to have money at their immediate disposal, rather than to have to wait for expected payments. The lump sum payout is basically a cash advance that can be spent as needed or saved or invested for future use. People who decide to sell structured insurance settlement payment agreements find that having access to cash at one time can pay off debt, cover unforeseen medical and education expenses, allow for large purchases, and even treat the family to a dream vacation.

Some people choose to use the additional cash to take advantage of investment opportunities that might yield more money over time than the settlement offered. Regardless of what they decide to do with the money they receive, people who sell structured insurance settlements regain control of the money awarded to them and are able to do with that money what they choose in the present, rather than having to wait years for the series of payments to arrive.

Those choosing to sell will want to do some research to be sure they get the most out of the transaction. Reputable buyers offer many options to sellers and can customize agreements to suit individual needs since no two arrangements are alike.

How Do I Start the Selling Process?

If you decide you want to sell structured insurance settlement payments to a buyer, you should first find out what types of programs are offered. Understand that when you sell a structured insurance settlement, you will receive less money than was awarded to you originally; however, that money will immediately be yours to do with as you please.
And don't forget that due to the natural flow of inflation, structured set payments are actually worth less over time. This is why it makes sense to get a lump sum now. A reputable buyer will also suggest that you consult an attorney and have him or her look over the agreement you are planning to make with the buyer.

Whether you decide to continue receiving periodic payments or to join those who have decided to sell structured insurance settlements, remember that the money was awarded to you, and you have options of when to receive your money and what you can do to make it work best for you.

How to Destroy CPU by Lapping It

Of all the incredibly stupid things people do to their CPUs, including overclocking them until they are hot enough to melt steel, the single most imbecilic modification has to be lapping. Using absurdly skewed logic and completely unsupported data, lappers believe that by physically grinding down the surfaces of their CPUs to make them flatter and gain better contact with the similarly lapped surfaces of their heatsink fan cooler assembly they will lower their operating temperatures up to 20 degrees C.

The miraculous advantages of lapping are evangelized by the same sort of online loonies who believe that Microsoft and AOL are giving away merchandise and cash just for forwarding an email message, three triangulated cell phones can pop popcorn kernels, and that Barack Obama was sworn into his Senatorial office with his hand on the Koran.

The process of lapping involves grinding down the top surface of your new CPU with 300 grit sandpaper, which is repeatedly soaked in soapy water. That is about as close as I can imagine to having a perfect formula to irrevocably destroy a computer processor. If the constant static electricity buildup of repeatedly rubbing a CPU with an abrasive is not enough, and even if you can make sure that all the little metal shavings don't migrate to the underside of the processor to short it out, exactly who told you that soapy water and silicon processors mix?

Lapping is supposed to be complete when the silvery surface coating of the CPU is all gone and it reveals the coppery colored core material. Of course this assumes that the CPU manufacturers have invested countless billions of dollars into Research & Development just to coat their processors with a completely useless if not wholly counterproductive metal coating! If anyone wanted to pit the indepth knowledge and understanding of CPU heat transfer technology, I'd always put my money on some socially handicapped zit-faced 13 year old kid in his parents' basement than I will on the entire engineering staff of Intel! NOT!

The lapping is not only restricted to CPUs. Lapping enthusiasts just love to grind down the surfaces on aftermarket third party CPU air coolers, some of which retail for over $100! The lapping lunatics forums are full of descriptions of how to take the mating surface of an expensive air cooler all the way down to the metal substrate!

Lapping not only immediately voids your warranty and prevents any RMA returns but does absolutely nothing at all other than create insane illusions in the minds of lappers who like to boast that they got a mirror finish on their copper IHS and now have dropped their overclock load temperatures into Arctic territory. The bottom line is that no CPU nor HSF ever require lapping and just judicious application of a proper thermal grease is more than enough to ensure proper mating and heat transfer.

If you are ever tempted to lap your CPU do this instead: stand on polyester carpeting with your socks while you press your CPU onto the 3500 rpm spinning gray 60 grit wheel of a nice Black & Decker BT3500 bench grinder. Keep going until the static tingle in your fingers turns into sharp shocks and the IHS is ground down to where the actual circuitry is visible. Now your CPU will work perfectly. If you'll believe that, you'll also believe that Microsoft Bob was the best Operating System in history, Enron stock was a profitable investment, and Hancock was a great superhero movie.

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Top 5 Most Alcoholic Drinks (Cocktails)

5 Strongest Drinks Mixed Drink Recipes

#5: The Long Island Ice Tea.

This one is a classic. I can remember the first time a friend introduced me to this. After three I was laughing because they were so smooth then I stood up. Then something happened (obvious censoring) and everyone laughed at me for months after. Good times. The Long Island Ice Tea was long the king (queen?) of all strong alcoholic mixed drinks, and still deserves a place on the list.

Recipe: 1 shot of vodka, 1 shot of rum, 1 shot of gin, 1 shot of gin, 1 shot of triple sec,

1 lemon, coke.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice add the spirits into the cocktail shaker. Squeeze a fresh lemon into the shaker as well. Put the lid on and shake, add to a tall glass then add lots of ice before slowly pouring the coke on top of the ice. Note: many bartenders will make a weaker version with only half a shot of each.

#4: Irish Car Bomb.

Many versions of this have a ½ shot of whiskey mixed with a ½ shot of Irish Cream instead of a shot of each. The Irish Car Bomb on this list has a shot of each.

Recipe: 1 shot of whiskey, 1 shot of Bailey's, 1 bottle Guinness.

Pour a bottle of Guinness into a glass, and pour in a shot of whiskey on top. Fill a shot glass full of Bailey's and drop it into the glass of Guinness and whiskey. When it starts to foam, chug it quickly. It will taste like chocolate milk, but if you wait too long it will curdle, that's why you need to chug. Because of this, a few of these can knock even the most experienced drinker on his back.

#3: Zombie.This is a modern classic. In a way, it's also the "I'm an experienced drinker," drink, because it's one of the least known of the majorly strong alcoholic drinks. A lot of tropical mixed drinks are sissy or girly, but the zombie is anything but.

Recipe: 1 shot of dark rum, 1 shot of white rum, 1 shot of spiced rum, ½ shot of brandy (apricot is a good choice), 1 dash sugar syrup, ½ shot lime juice, ½ shot pineapple juice.

Fill half a high ball glass with ice. Pour all the ingredients into the glass and stir well. Garnish with pineapple, lime slices, or mint leaves as you see fit.

#2: Adios Mother F*&%er!This drink is just as badass as the name indicates. Some recipes have lemonade instead of 7Up, but if you want maximum kick, you want the carbonation from the 7Up.

Recipe: ½ shot vodka, ½ shot rum, ½ shot tequila, ½ shot gin, ½ shot Blue Curacao, 2 shots sour mix, 2 shots 7UP.

Pour all the ingredients except for 7UP into a chilled glass already filled with ice cubes. Top it with 7UP and stir gently. A few of these will do the name of this drink proud.

#1: The Bastard Trilogy, aka "Bastard on the Beach."
Okay, this might be a little bit of a cheat since this is technically four drinks, but if you order one you have to go through the entire story: Suffering Bastard, Dying Bastard, Dead Bastard, Mai Tai (in heaven). Some people even say there's a fifth drink, that being a Gin Fizz to warm up, but that's new on me so that one stays optional. Going through the Bastards is hard enough.

Step 1: Suffering Bastard (2 options): Option A: 1 shot fresh lime juice, 4 shots chilled ginger ale, dash of angostura bitters, 1 shot rum (some have bourbon to start), 1 shot gin. Mix and shake ingredients, pour into a double old fashioned glass filled with ice, and garnish with mint sprig, an orange wheel, and a maraschino cherry & enjoy!

Option B: 3/4 oz Orange Curacao, 1.5 shots rum, 1 shot over proof rum, 1 shot fresh lime juice, 2 shots orange juice, ½ shot Orgeat Syrup.

Step 2: Dying Bastard Recipe: 1 shot brandy, 1 shot gin, 1 shot rum, ½ shot lime juice, 1 dash bitters, 1 shot Ginger Ale. Place all these ingredients in a high ball glass with ice and enjoy.

Step 3: Dead Bastard Recipe: 1 shot brandy, 1 shot bourbon, 1 shot gin, 1 shot rum, ½ shot lime juice, 1 dash bitters, 1 shot Ginger Ale. Mix in a tall glass over ice, stir, and enjoy it. At this point you should be really feeling it.

Step 4: Mai Tai Recipe: Assuming you aren't passed out or worshipping the porcelain goddess, the last part of the Bastard group is the Mai Tai. ½ shot triple sec, ½ shot dark rum, ½ shot Crème de Almond, 1 shot light rum, pineapple juice, sweet and sour mix. Serve in a Collins glass.

That's the "Bastard on the Beach" combination, and that's why this is overwhelmingly the number one spot. That's a lot of sugar, a lot of alcohol, a lot of carbonation. And they're pretty smooth for strong mixed drinks, so a lot of people tend to drink them way too fast.

Hyosung GT650R and Suzuki SV650S

2010 Hyosung GT650R
During the 60’s the US had an invasion of Japanese motorcycles and they still hold our attention with their new bikes each year. The new kid on the block is a Korean company Hyosung and they have introduced their new street bikes to the rest of the world. Stepping out into the market is their GT650 with its sleek look very reminiscent of the Suzuki SV650 which I will also write about in this hub. The GT650R with its 64 horsepower and 42.3 lb. ft. of torque offers decent acceleration. It offers a six speed transmission and weighing in a 473 is a contender for those riders looking for a light weight motorcycle. Though some of the feedback is that this motorcycle lacks proper suspension when handling bumps and the dual-piston front brakes lack in stopping power. The upside to owning this bike is its price tag and two year warranty. This motorcycle is not for everyone and as always one must do their research before buying. This bike looks sharp and may be ideal for a rider that needs to save a few extra bucks when purchasing a new motorcycle.

Wheel Base: 56.5 inches.
Seat Height: 31.5 inches.
Tire (Front) 120/60-ZR-17 55W.
Tire (Rear) 160/60-ZR-17 69W.
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.5 gallons.
Dry Weight: 451 lbs.
Engine System Liquid cooled DOHC 4-valve, 90 degree V-twin.
Compression Ratio 11.6:1.
Max Power 79 HP @ 9250 RPM.
Max Torque 49.32 lb/ft @ 7250 RPM.
Fuel Injection
Compared to its counterpart the Suzuki SV650 which cost about $7500 the Hyosung cost about $6000 and this may allow you to put some aftermarket accessories to give this motorcycle the ride you are looking for. Though you would have to make sure this does not void the two year warranty which is a desirable aspect of the GT650R. The lure for someone looking to buy a bike may choose this new motorcycle over a used bike for the two year warranty

2010 SV650
Here is the scoop on the SV650 series by Suzuki. This motorcycle offers up a V-twin sport bike
that not only looks good but sounds good too. There are two versions of this bike and they both offer any rider the goods they are looking for in a motorcycle. Both have nice riding positions and offer up a nice instrument cluster, including an analog tachometer positioned about a digital LCD speedometer. There is much fun to be had wrapped up in this package of a motorcycle. One can not go wrong in purchasing this motorcycle and would look good in any one's garage.

Wheelbase: 57.9 inches.
Seat Height: 31.5 inches.
Tires Front: 120/60ZR17M/C (55W), tubeless.
Tires Rear: 160/60ZR17M/C (69W), tubeless.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.5 gallons.
Weight: 445 lbs.
Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve per-cylinder, 90-degree V-Twin engine.
Compression Ratio11.6:1.
72.9 hp.
Torque @ RPM: 65 Nm at 7500 rpm.
Fuel Injection.
6 speed transmission.
Every rider has their own preference and many times what we buy is governed by what we can afford. Both of these motorcycles come with a two year warranty which is nice to have in case you have issues with one of these bikes. One is more affordable than the other but I know the resale on the Suzuki will be better. No one can tell you what you should buy but if you can afford it the Suzuki it would be an excellent choice. The Hyosung is a very sharp looking motorcycle, its affordable and would make a good bike to own. What this all boils down to is do what makes you happy since that is what riding is all about. 
Happy riding and keep the rubber side down.

Top 20 Career Choices for 2010

Employment Forecasts

US News and Word Reports selected 50 careers that they predict to be in the highest demand for 2010 within five Industries listed by suggested importance:

1. Science and Technology,

2. Healthcare,

3. Education/Civic,

4. Business/Finance

5. Creative and Service.

Alternatively, I would have separated Education from Civic and Creative from Service careers and lists a Top 7 Industries and listed them as Science and Technology, Healthcare, Service, Civic, Business/Finance, and Creative, in order of probable highest numbers of new jobs created for 2010 when I look at trends from mid-2008 - end 2009.

These US News employment trend projections are in large part based on the US Federal Government's predictions of growth and numbers of new jobs expected for the period 2008 - 2018, released in early 2010. Note that in 2010, we are already in the third year of the decade of these forecasts.

A few US States released their own 2008 -- 2018 projections earlier, in the latter half of 2009.

The following Top 20 Careers in the list below take into account the Top 10 Rankings within each of the five Industries analyzed by US News. It also considers the importance of the jobs highlighted in their slide show of a Top 10 Overall slide show on the website and featured as a link from the Blog.

Top 20 Hot Jobs for 2010

1. Computer Software Engineer

2. Systems Analyst

3. Network Administrator

4. Biomedical Engineer

5. X-Ray Technician

6. Veterinarian

7. Lab Tech

8. Physical Therapist (Number one highest demand job in 2009) - Highest demand job in January 2010, considering all Internet vacancy postings.

9. Firefighter - I would add Special Education Teacher as a tie here.

10. Mediator

11. Clergy

12. Urban planner

13. Financial Adviser/Advisor

14. Actuary

15. Training Specialist (in business/finance)

16. Financial Analyst

17. Commercial Pilot - I would substitute Multimedia Artist here, especially because it was featured in the Slide show. Further, US society is increasingly visual and the increasing numbers of cable TV and broadcast commercials are multimedia; museums exhibits are becoming multimedia, classrooms are becoming multimedia, etc. In addition, if pilots like 2009's hero, Sully Sullenburger, have revealed recent cuts in payroll and benefits for commercial pilots such as himself, then this employment position is probably not as fruitful going forward as projected. However, the rationale is that crop dusters and pilots willing to fly into difficult areas of the world will become more in high demand. Further, the rise of Privatized Space Flight may impact this job title, requiring more pilots and more training.

18. Technical Writer

19. Funeral Director

20. Security System Installer

Note: Within just a few days of publication, workers in a number of job titles commented on the US News and World Reports website with complaints that their particular job titles were not considered to likely grow from 2008 - 2018 qnd to be in the Top 50 Careers. These included Veterinary Technicians, Medical Technologists, Medical Assistants and several others. Some readers criticized

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BMW 335i vs Infiniti G37 Journey vs Audi A5 Quattro

BMW 335i
Base Price: $40,800

Base Engine: 3.0 Liter I6
Horsepower: 300 hp @ 5800 rpm
Torque: 300 ft-lbs. @ 1400 rpm
0-60: 5.1 Seconds
Compressor: Twin Turbocharger
Standard Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Gas Mileage: 19/28
Driven Wheels: RWD

Infiniti G37 Journey
Base Price:

Base Engine: 3.7 Liter V6
Horsepower: 330 hp @ 7000 rpm
Torque: 270 ft-lbs. @ 5200 rpm
0-60: 5.4 Seconds
Compressor: N/A
Standard Transmission: 5 Speed Shiftable Automatic
Gas Mileage: 18/24
Driven Wheels: RWD

Audi A5 Quattro

Base Price:

Base Engine: 3.2 Liter V6
Horsepower: 265 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque: 243 ft-lbs. @ 3250 rpm
0-60: 6.1 Seconds
Compressor: N/A
Standard Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Gas Mileage: 16/26
Driven Wheels: AWD

Asbestos Stomach Cancer

Asbestos stomach cancer is one of the very common forms of cancer which accounts for most of the deaths which occur due to cancer. This disease is seen mainly at the upper end of   the stomach where the esophagus drains in the exit to the intestine.

This disease can happen at any time but is seen very often in the later or middle of ones life.The males are affected more than the female in asbestos stomach cancer.

Some Of The Main Symptoms
The asbestos stomach cancer lasts for as long as two to three years in the human body after which it is finally detected which is very sad and unfortunate. There is pain felt on the abdomen area followed by loss of weight, absence of appetite, especially for meat.

Along with this there are also other symptoms such as dyspepsia, discomfort after eating, a feeling of stomach being full to the brim, gastric sensation. Such indications also suggest that he is suffering from peptic ulcer.

The patient who is suffering from asbestos stomach cancer may suffer from such symptoms for months as well as years but at some point time there is also weakness felt by the patient along with loss of weight until one day he is diagnosed finally with asbestos stomach cancer.

Sometimes there are certain symptoms of obstruction which indicate the location of the cancer. When the pain is felt through the outer wall of the abdomen it is too late for any cure which may provide relief to the patient.

The Various Complications .
There are various complications observed in a case relating to asbestos stomach cancer such as internal bleeding due to damage of the blood vessels, obstruction in the intestine   and asbestos stomach cancer spreading to other organs which are located very closely and at the end leading to death.

Prevention Of The Disease.
Asbestos stomach cancer is one of the very common forms of cancer which accounts for most of the deaths which occur due to cancer. This disease is seen mainly at the upper end of   the stomach where the esophagus drains in the exit to the intestine. This disease can happen at any time but is seen very often in the later or middle of ones life. The males are affected more than the female in asbestos stomach cancer

The Main Symptoms.
The asbestos stomach cancer lasts for as long as two to three years in the human body after which it is finally detected which is very sad and unfortunate. There is pain felt on the abdomen area followed by loss of weight, absence of appetite, especially for meat.

Along with this there are also other symptoms such as dyspepsia, discomfort after eating, a feeling of stomach being full to the brim, gastric sensation. Such indications also suggest that he is suffering from peptic ulcer.

The patient who is suffering from asbestos stomach cancer may suffer from such symptoms for months as well as years but at some point time there is also weakness felt by the patient along with loss of weight until one day he is diagnosed finally with asbestos stomach cancer.

Sometimes there are certain symptoms of obstruction which indicate the location of the cancer. When the pain is felt through the outer wall of the abdomen it is too late for any cure which may provide relief to the patient.

The Various Complications
There are various complications observed in a case relating to asbestos stomach cancer such as internal bleeding due to damage of the blood vessels, obstruction in the intestine   and asbestos stomach cancer spreading to other organs which are located very closely and at the end leading to death.

Prevention Of The Disease.
There are no preventive steps which can be taken for asbestos stomach cancer, a remote hope lies in its early detection and prompt treatment.

If a patient is suffering from the related symptoms of asbestos stomach cancer for a very long time then he should contact an oncologist immediately to get relief.

In case asbestos stomach cancer is diagnosed then surgery should be performed immediately. For early recovery prompt action is required to cure asbestos stomach cancer.

asbestos stomach cancer, a remote hope lies in its early detection and prompt treatment. If a patient is suffering from the related symptoms of asbestos stomach cancer for a very long time then he should contact an oncologist immediately to get relief.

In case asbestos stomach cancer is diagnosed then surgery should be performed immediately. For early recovery prompt action is required to cure asbestos stomach cancer.


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Six Easy Habits to Maintain a Secure Network

Whether your company is a tiny home office or a big fish, your online business can be hacked easily, and the stakes are bigger than a few canceled orders. Here are six ways to protect your networks and your users, steps that even many enterprise-class security experts may slip up on sometimes.

1. Don’t be an ignorant fish
Spear-phishing attacks targeting companies are likely to use custom-tailored messages (tweet, IM, e-mail, and so on), such that victims may take the bait. A leading scientist at a research institution may not follow through on an email advertising natural male enhancement or replica Rolex watches, but if it invites the would-be victim to become a keynote speaker on an important symposium, it will be irresistible.

2. Use separate e-mail account for personal uses
Many websites use a “forgot password?” feature that sends reminder to regain your access. In addition, people are trained to expect notifications about many things, like friend requests.
How can we be sure that MySpace or Facebook are the real e-mail senders? There are plenty of DNS-level security and electronic signatures to make those spoofed messages useless. For example, you can use one simple method that you should employ to make sure an e-mail is genuine, make sure the e-mail come from the original domain, for example
It is a good idea to use a separate email account, preferably from a free email provider to register with social networks, IM and others. If a password reset message is directed to office e-mail instead of your free email, it is likely a spam or perhaps a phishing attempt. Fortunately, it is easy to know about unscrupulous web sites that share your important information with 3rd parties.

3. Don’t click on any links within e-mail
As a rule, don’t click those links. Not even in e-mails from reputable senders. If you do need to click, you should copy, paste and edit it on the browser’s address bar. If nothing else, it will remove any funny tricks (like, or and leaves you with a pristine plain-text web address,

4. Patch regularly
Patching is very necessary and almost free. The first thing to know, is whether you’re current on all your patching. It would be better to set the update on the second Wednesday, as Microsoft usually releases its security updates and patches on second Tuesday.
If the Microsoft Update isn’t activated, you won’t get any Microsoft Office updates. But, it isn’t enough. Be sure you visit Adobe site to update your PDF Reader and Flash player. Firefox also great at pushing out updates automatically, but it may not upgrade the browser and plug-ins to a major release, it would be better to check the Firefox site as well. Hardware may need updating, too; check manufacturer web sites for new drivers.

5. Be careful with P2P application
Some people believe that P2P has no business on personal computer and the risk of malicious code from peer-to-peer (P2P) networks far outweighs any needs for KaZaa or BitTorrent.
If you need to participate in P2P, they advise to use a separate, non-admin account. Don’t run apps that you download from a peer-to-peer network using your administrator account, and update your anti virus program. is a great place to do a reliable scan on a dubious downloaded file. It would be better to test P2P apps in a virtual machine to identify any malware.

6. Don’t use ISP’s default DNS
Use OpenDNS for your home and your company router’s DNS resolver. You shouldn’t use default DNS given by your ISP. OpenDNS has a big cache that will improve your queries performance and also a reliable filtering service. Although you may not need the filtering, its secure and robust DNS infrastructure may shield you from common attacks on DNS level. After five minutes of re-configuration, your Internet connection is snappier because the OpenDNS servers generally respond faster than an ISP server.
It may be necessary to use a host-based outbound firewall on your workstations and servers. It is absolutely important to be notified when a new or unknown process decides to establish an outbound connection. That way, even if some evil codes slip past your antimalware and antivirus defenses, you can catch it immediately.

Remortgage With Bad Credit

Remortgage With Bad Credit, Home Loan Refinance 
Times are tough all over. The recession has caused many to lose their jobs. Prices for staples like food and gas are rising. For many people, monthly expenses have outpaced monthly income. This causes mortgage payments and credit card payments to be late and fall behind. Each missed payment is a credit rating black mark and credit scores take a tumble.

If this sounds like you, there could be hope if you are a homeowner. Have you looked into a home remortgage with bad credit? A remortgage replaces your current mortgage with one that has more favorable terms so it is easier to meet your monthly obligations. It is fairly easy to get a remortgage if you have good credit and reliable income.

If your credit is damaged, you may still be able to get a remortgage in the form of a bad credit remortgage. These are offered by certain lenders who give consideration to how the loan will impact your financial situation. The last thing you want is to take out a loan you won’t be able to pay back.

A lot of people in financial distress just assume the only option is to borrow from credit cards. As the recession lingers, this has turned out to be a bad plan. Borrowing from credit cards is not a good idea in the best of times and can quickly lead to ruin when done in times of financial turmoil.

Interest rates on credit card balances are sky high. Your monthly payments mount month after month yet most of the payment goes towards interest so your balance hardly budges. When you make late payments or go over your limit, you will get hit with hefty fees. Before you know it, you will be unable to meet your monthly minimum payment and your financial situation will take a turn for the worse.

A bad credit remortgage can avoid those problems. To apply for one of these loans, work with a mortgage broker that has contacts with a variety of lenders. He will have the experience needed to guide you through the loan process so you get the loan best suited to your situation. You need one with a low enough interest rate that your payments will be lowered, plus you want to be able to access your equity. With a favorable loan, you can get back on your financial feet and rebuild your credit.

These non-conforming loans usually have a one to two percent higher interest rate than loans offered to borrowers with good credit. You will need to shop around for the best terms so you get a loan that will be the most help. Once you have recovered financially, you can get another remortgage and get even lower interest rates with your new good credit.

Remember that lenders need some reassurance that you will be able to repay your loan so be prepared to prove you have the desire and the ability to keep up with the payments. You also want to search for a reputable lender that looks out for your best interests rather than one that tries to talk you into a loan that will be difficult to repay.

This website has several resources and a lot of information that you can use to help you make the right decision about your bad credit mortgage loan. Take your time to compare lenders and their terms so you end up with the best mortgage for your particular situation. When you complete your remortgage with bad credit you will be on the road to solvency and peace of mind.

10 of the Best Shorten URL Services

Shorten URL services are really important nowadays. You can learn them easy and they’re really smaller than their original URL. You can find lots of them on Twitter because of the limit of 140 words. Check the following post to find out some of the best Shorten URL services.





10 Useful Firefox Plugins For Twitter Lovers

Firefox is one of the most preferable web browsers worldwide with a numerous number of active users. Twitter is a remarkable social networking service that has become many people’s favorite in a short duration of time and has millions of users registered to it. There is no doubt why people would like to merge these two great internet services together.

Twitter plugins has made twittering much simpler. It is more preferable as people are able to received updates and notifications’ instantly regarding what is happening in their Twitter. One will be able to multitask to keep up his/her hectic work in the Firefox browser and receive Twitter updates as well, without needing to log-in into their Twitter account.

Previously, we went through a lot of useful Firefox plugins such as Firefox SEO Tools for Bloggers and also Firefox extensions for web designers and developers. This is yet another series of Firefox plugins for Twitter lover!
These are our favorite 10 Firefox Twitter addons which you could use to tweet, reply tweets, show people what you are currently viewing, send direct messages, and much more features! Have a look at all this plugins and enjoy the freedom of using Twitter in your Firefox browser.

1. Echofon

Echofon, which is previously known as TwitterFox, is a great Firefox plug-in to be used. It adds a minute status bar icon that has notification when your buddies post tweets. Echofon allows you to access your Twitter account in just a single click and it displays the number of unread messages on the status bar. You will be able to manage multiple Twitter accounts and other trouble-free Twitter functions such as posting your own tweets, direct message and retweet.

2. Twitbin

Twitbin is a petite Firefox plug-in which appears as a sidebar. It allows you to be up to date with all of your Twitter discussions right from the sidebar of your browser. You will be able use this extension to send and receive messages to and from your buddies, view conversations, share links of website you like, and more.

3. Power Twitter

The Power Twitter offers extra functionalities to the Twitter web interface which includes an inline of all sorts of playable and viewable media, photo uploading, link expansion and shrinking, link translation to page titles, status history peeks, custom settings, and daily questions. All this could be done right on your Twitter web interface. As an added advantage, you will be able to view your Facebook status updates via this plug-in.
Power Twitter

4. Twitkit

Twitkit functions as a Twitter sidebar for your Firefox browser. It has a 6-segment interface, which uses tabs to separate its contents. Using this Twitkit extension, you will be able to view your user timeline, the Twitter public timeline, your buddies list and latest tweets, your followers list and their latest tweets, status regarding your account, and @replies made to you.

5. TwitterBar

The TwitterBar extension allows you to tweet your message to the Twitter web interface directly from your Firefox’s address bar. A small Twitter icon would be noticeable at the side of the address bar, and clicking on it posts your tweets. You can also check the number of characters left as you are only allowed to post up to 140 characters long in Twitter. You could also tweet a URL of your currently viewing page by just clicking on the icon. With this TwitterBar version of 2.9, you can now add new accounts and post multiple Twitter accounts.

6. Twitzer

You can now post longer messages with more than just 140 characters on your Twitter web interface by using this Twitzer plug-in for your Firefox browser. Besides, it expands TinyURL links to ensure that you click on safe links.

7. Instant Tweets

Instant Tweets is almost similar to the TweetBar extension. You can tweet from your Firefox address bar and share links of the page that is currently being viewed. Just click on the bird icon that sits on the side of your address bar to share or tweet the particular link. It also automatically displays the number of character left as you type and shortens long URLs. All you have to do is right click on images to tweet it on Twitter instantly. Additionally, the bird icon will be noticeable in blue colour if someone is following you and turns red if no one is.
Instant Tweets

8. TwittyTunes

A music lover will definitely want to share their favourite songs and tracks that they are listening to with their buddies and other followers. This could be done by using the TwittyTunes extension for Firefox. It posts websites that you often visit and videos you stream to your Twitter. You could submit any songs you specify with just one click by assigning TwittyTunes to your Firefox browser.

9. Friendbar

Friendbar is a useful application for not only Twitter but also Facebook. This Friendbar application allows you to manage both popular social networking web interfaces from one place. You can now keep in touch with your buddies from both networks with this single plug-in. It continually streams updates from both your Twitter and Facebook accounts right on the toolbar. Tweet, retweet, direct message, @message, and more from the Friendbar toolbar. It automatically generates a TinyURL of the website that you are viewing so that you could easily share the links on both the social networks.

10. Yoono

Yoono is another sidebar plug-in for Firefox. It allows you to stay connected with your buddies across a variety of instant messengers and social networking websites from one place. The Yoono sidebar supports services like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Yahoo IM, AIM and more. Yoono simplifies your way of sharing stuffs you like with all your social networks simultaneously. You will be able to discover more cool stuffs with the discovery widget that displays the related websites, videos, images, and more as you surf the internet.