Sachin Tendulkar...

Sachin Tendulkar - it seems that all India will stop to watch Sachin Tendulkar do what he does best...swing a cricket bat.

I don't know much but I do know a little about Sachin Tendulkar. I am hoping that folk that drop by here to read/watch a cricket match will feel free to add on to my list of things everyone must know about Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar:

1. is 36-years old and just 5' 5" (170cm) tall, proving that dynamite does come in small packages.

2. is also known as the Little Master, Master Blaster, The Master, The Little Champion

3. is the second greatest Test batsmen next to Donald Bradman and second greatest ODI batsman next to Viv Richards. Anybody want to argue?

4. has more centuries in either form of the game than any other batsman.

5. is the highest run scorer in both forms of the game.

6. is the first batsman to score 12,000 runs in test cricket.

7. is the first player to score 10,000 runs in one-day internationals

8. is the first player to cross every subsequent 1000-run mark in ODI cricket history

9. has been honored with India's second highest civilian award - Padma Vibhushan, and India's highest sporting honor - Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna.

10. is not a god. I had to put that in there. See Exodus 20:3. But, there might be a couple of hundred million (literally) Indian fans who would differ with me. One of the most popular sayings by Sachin's fans is "Cricket is my religion and Sachin is my God."

11. Sachin Tendulkar who is currently playing for the Mumbai Indians in IPL II was born in Mumbai (then Bombay).

12. Sachin Tendulkar was named after music director Sachin Dev Burmand.

13. Sachin Tendulkar began to play cricket at the urging of his brother.

14. Sachin Tendulkar, ambidextrous, wanted to be a fast bowler but focused on batting at the recommendation of Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee.

15. Sachin Tendulkar was considered a child prodigy while still in high school. He never played in under 19 league, going straight to the seniors. His breakout season of 1988, he scored a century in every innings he played.

16. Saching Tendulkar sponsors 200 underprivileged children every year but will not speak about his charitable activities.

17. Sachin Tendulkar was accused of ball tampering and given a one Test match ban but had the matter overturned when the official was accused of racism. Tendulkar's ball tampering charges triggered a massive backlash from the Indian public and Indian parliament.

18. Ferrari gave Sachin Tendulkar a 360 Modena for equaling Bradman's 29 centuries in Test Cricket and laws were passed so he could bring the car into India without paying customs. Because of political and social activist protests, Ferrari finally paid the dues.

19. In Mumbai Sachin Tendulkar must "wear a wig to go out and watch a movie only at night".

20. Sachin Tendulkar is the highest earning cricketer in the world.

21. Virgin Comics is launching a series of comic books featuring Sachin Tendulkar as a superhero.


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