Interesting Facts...Greenday

After every concert Billie Joe kisses a boy (to bad its a boy).

Tre Cool was born in Germany.

Ernie from Seasame Street appears on the cover of Dookie.

At the age of 10, Billie Joe and Mike met at the school canteen.

The first song Billie Joe wrote was named Why do you want him?
The first CD Bbillie Joe bought was Elvis Presley The Sun Sessions.

Billie Joe has appeared in Playgirl. He didnt pose for it though. He flashed the audience at a Green Day concert and a picture ended up in Playgirl.

Mike has his own line of bass guitars called The Mike Dirnt Precision Bass. It comes in three colours!

Tre's father is a Vietnam vet.

Tre has a habit of setting his drums on fire on stage.

Billie Joe is a vegetarian.

Billie Joe's birthday is on the same date as National Cabbage Day.

Dookie's original title was Liquid Dookie, but they changed it because they thought it was too gross.

New copies of Dookie are made without Ernie on the back. That's because Sesame Street threatened to sue Green Day.

It's rumored that Billie Joe's mom mispelled his name on his birth certificate because she was high (from the drugs given to her during childbirth).

Tre's name was given to him by the owner of Lookout Records Lawrence Livermore when Tre played in the band "The Lookouts".

If Billie Joe and Mike could play any movie role in history, they would both choose Austin Powers. Tre would prefer to be Cat Woman.

All By Myself, the hidden song on Dookie, was recorded at a party.

On the dookie cover, the right side, on one of the building's it's written 'Twisted Dog Sisters'--this was the name for an actual group of girls from Berkely.

The video for Basketcase was filmed in black and white, they added color afterwards.

Green Day cursed the second most times on Behind the Music (27 times) which is fifty less than the leader, Oasis.

If you turn the volume up and listen very closely to Good Riddence you can hear Billie-Joe say the f word in the beginning.

You can cut up Green Day stickers to read "Gay Nerd."

The real origin of the name Green Day. Ernie from Sesamy Street said the frase Green Day in one of the shows and it kinda was funny for the guys smoking pot and all. So it became an inside joke with Green Day meaning a pot-filled wasted day. Then came the song Green Day and also Al Sobrante wrote Green Day on the back of his jacket and it kinda caught on from there and they decided to use it as their band's name.

On the front cover of Insomniac, in the flames,there are hidden pictures. you can find a naked woman, 3 fairies, a skull, and several other ghosly faces.

The band each takes a shot of Vodka before every gig.

Green Day has 14 transitional songs. They are Chump/Longview, Brain Stew/Jaded, Uptight/Last Ride In, and Jinx/Haushinka, Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy, and Give Me Novacaine/She's a Rebel.

In Kerplunk! it says 'In Memory of Gravy...' Gravy was actually Mike's pet cat who died.

Dita Von Teese, who is singer Marilyn Manson's girlfriend, appeared in one of Green Day's videos.

On the new American Idiot cd on the track Jesus of Suburbia during the part Dearly Beloved, you can clearly hear Billie Joe sing "Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed?". However, if you watch Sessions @ AOL on tv for Green Day, Billie Joe clearly sings "Am I retarded or am I just unemployed?"

In Longview, after they say "Call me pathetic, call me what you will", you can hear something in the background that sounds like a kid crying or a dog dying or something.

Billie Joe used to have a nose ring, but he took it out because it kept getting caught on his guitar.

Billie Joe's cat, Zero, died in his washing machine.

Tre once milked a dog because he wanted milk for his coffee, and the house he was staying in didn't have any.


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