Linkin Park Facts

  • After 8 years of marriage Samantha and Chester got a divorce on May 2, 2005.
  • Albums: Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Reanimation, Collision Course (with Jay-Z), Live In Texas.
  • Brad and Mike graduated from Agoura High School in 1996.
  • Brad Delson kept his hair purple throughout high school.
  • Brad is not married to Telinda. Chester is.
  • Chester and Samantha were so poor at the time of their wedding that they did not have the money to buy a wedding ring. So they had rings tattoed on their fingers.
  • Chester Bennington met his wife Samantha when he was working in a Burger King.
  • Chester dressed up as superhero 'Captain Birthday' for Coby Dick's birthday at Ozzfest 2001.
  • Chester's first real band he was in was called GRAY DAZE!!!!
  • Delson wears headphones when he plays to protect his hearing.
  • Fort Minor is Mike's side project. Snow White Tan is Chester's.
  • He is currently married to girlfreind Telinda Bentley. They now have a son, Tyler Lee.
  • Hybrid Theory, the band's first album has sold over 6,000,000 copies worldwide.
  • Linkin Park are best friends with the Backstreet Boys and even did a song with them called Points of Authority.
  • Linkin Park collaborated with Jay-Z because they were requested to do so by MTV.
  • Linkin Park donated $100,000 to the Tsunami Trust Fund.
  • Linkin Park established Music for Relief. It's an organization that helped people affected by the Indian Ocean earthquake on Boxing Day (December 26th).
  • Linkin Park has two side projects: Fort Minor and Snow White Tan.
  • Linkin Park is categorized in the Nu-Metal and Rapcore genre.
  • Linkin Park is formerly known as Hybrid Theory. They named their first album that after they couldn't use the name Hybrid Theory because of copyright issues with another group called Hybrid.
  • Linkin Park is often misspelled: Linkon and Linken.
  • Linkin Park is Rob Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitar), Joe Hahn (turntables), Mike Shinoda (vocals), and Chester Bennington (vocals).
  • Linkin Park is signed onto Warner Brothers Records.
  • Linkin Park played a Live 8 concert.
  • Linkin Park Underground is a fan club for Linkin Park.
  • Linkin Park was formed in Broolyn, New York.
  • Linkin Park was not formed in Brooklyn. They were formed in Los Angeles.
  • Linkin Park won a Grammy for "Best Hard Rock Performance" with 'Crawling' from their album Hybrid Theory.
  • Linkin Park won for "Best Group" and "Best Hard Rock" at the 2002 MTV Europe Music Awards. They were also nominated for "Best Website." Joe was the only one from Linkin Park that went to accept the awards at the show.
  • Linkin Park won for "Favorite Artist - Alternative Music" at the 31st Annual American Music Awards. Chester and Phoenix also introduced Metallica's performance.
  • Linkin Park's album Meteora was named after a series of monasteries in Greece.
  • Linkin Park's biggest hit so far is their song from Hybrid Theory 'In the End'.
  • Linkin Park's first headlining tour was called Projekt Revolution.
  • Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory has sold 19 million records worldwide.
  • Linkin Park's influences include Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, The Roots and Aphex Twin.
  • Linkin Park's new album is named "Minutes to Midenight".
  • Mike designed the album cover of Hybrid Theory.
  • The band got their name from California's Lincoln Park named after president Lincoln.
  • The band started off with the name Xero, then Hybrid Theory, and finally Linkin Park.
  • Their very first show was at L.A.'s famed rock showcase spot, The Whisky.
  • They changed the spelling of their band ('Lincoln' to 'Linkin') so they could purchase the domain name without it costing them a great amount of money.
  • They chose "Linkin Park" because Chester used to drive by Lincoln Park in Santa Monica, CA after practice and it grabbed his attention. The guys in the band liked how it sounded.
  • They don't swear in most of their songs. They feel there are better ways to get their message across.
  • Warner Brothers rejected the band 3 times before they finally signed them.

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