Little Known Facts About “The Simpsons”

Probably the most watched family today, The Simpson’s is what many would call an entertainment phenomenon. This very family started the tradition of satirical family humour, all those years ago – remember how Homer used to speak? Other shows such as Family Guy, South Park and King of the Hill follow in its footsteps. But what don’t you know about this famous family? Find out here!

  1. Matt Groening’s last name is pronounced “Graining”…
  2. Comic Book Guy’s Real name is Jeff Albertson.
  3. Bart Simpson is an anagram to “brat”.
  4. Every Simpson family member’s middle name begins with “J”.
  5. Bart has nine spikes of hair on his head.
  6. Showrunner Al Jean possesses the world’s third-largest ball of Matt Groening voices the sound of Maggie’s “sucking”.
  7. Lisa has celebrated her 8th birthday on two separate episodes.
  8. Some episodes take up to 60,000 “cells” to create.
  9. Homer and Marge are in their late 30’s, Bart is 10 years old, Lisa is 8 years old and Maggie’s age is undetermined.
  10. It takes 6 – 8 months to make each episode.
  11. In September 2002, The Simpson’s received its 38th Emmy nomination.
  12. The Simpson’s have been awarded over 40 major television awards.
  13. Bart is voiced by a woman – Nancy Cartwright.
  14. The show was really going to be based 100% on Bart at first.
  15. On the opening of every episode Maggie is listed to cost $847.63 at the cash register. It’s the same amount that raising a baby costs in a year in the US.
  16. An Adelaide brewery got into big trouble when it started manufacturing Duff beer, Homer’s brew of choice. Fox, owners of The Simpson’s, took the brewery to court in 1996 and forced them to stop making it.
  17. Around 2,000 people took part in the survey which decided that rather than having an incompetent in charge of the USA, they would like Homer Simpson to take the role.
  18. The Simpson’s currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records titles for “Longest-running Primetime Animated Series” and “Most Celebrities Featured in an Animation Series.”
  19. The “couch gag” sequence is frequently used to help show staff make the show longer or shorter, depending on the length of the episode itself. Most couch gags last only about five seconds, but the longest one on record lasted 46 seconds.
  20. Homer’s middle name is Jay.
  21. Bumblebee guy’s real name is Pedro.
  22. There are 121 Springfields in the US. – Matt Groening picked the name for the city because it was so common and well-known.

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