Friday, March 26, 2010

Guide- Add custom ringtones and notifications to your Android device

Fed up of the stock ringtones? Feel the need to have incoming calls announced with a few bars of Barbie Girl instead? I was asked how to add custom sounds for ringtones on the HTC Hero, but this should work for any Android device. It’s pretty straightforward in truth. Here’s how:-

  • Connect the phone to your computer via the USB cable
  • Open the Notifications screen on your phone (pull down a finger from the top of the screen to the bottom) and select the USB Storage notification
  • Choose “Mount”
  • Browse to the SD Card on your PC
  • Look for a folder called media, if it’s not there, create it by right clicking and choosing New Folder, then rename the folder to be media
  • Inside the media folder, you need a folder called audio, again, if it’s not there create it as above
  • Inside the audio folder, you can create a subfolder for the sound category you want to change-
    • ringtones – for sound files you want to use as ringtones
    • alarms – for sound files you want to use for any alarms
    • notifications – for incoming notifications such as SMS alerts, emails, etc
  • Copy the sound or music file which you’d like to use as your ringtone in to the relevant folder
  • You should now see your sound or music file listed in the menu for selection in the relevant sound settings menu (to access the ringtone/notification settings, press the hard Menu key from one of your home screens, then press Settings then Sounds and Display)
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