New England Patriots Tickets And Seating Chart

They've been the world champions not once or twice but three times. You don't have to go back to November 16, 1959 when the first professional football team was created in New England to have a glimpse into the history of this team that has withstood the test of time and circumstance to come out on top as winners time and time again. The New England Patriots  became the eight franchise in the American Football League and in less than a week had already selected their first draft choice, Gerhardt Schwedes.

Since that time, the New England Patriots have appeared in the Super Bowl six separate times. February 1, 2004 and the Patriots take home the Super Bowl XXXVII championship with a win against the Carolina Panthers 32-29. February 6, 2005 in Jacksonville, Florida, the Patriots stepped to the gridiron and defeated the Eagles 24-21. On February 8, 2008, the New England Patriots participated in Super Bowl XLII. It was a close game against the New York Giants at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale but not a competition the Patriots would win. The Patriots also appeared in Super Bowl XX, XXXI and XXXVI.

The recent news of former Patriots running back Mosi Tatupu's passing at has deeply saddened players, coaches, staff and fans. The news comes at the same time that many of the draft prospects will be working out for the NFL Scouting Combine. And no team is complete without beautiful cheerleaders along the sidelines and with more than 300 interested women at the tryouts recently, fans are sure to some pretty faces and talented cheering routines when the new season starts this year. Also of interest in recent Patriots news is the naming of the 2010 franchise player Vince Wilfork as negotiations proceed in the hopes of a long term agreement.

Gillette Stadium welcomes patrons from around the world to come and experience the one of a kind enjoyment that is associated with being inside the venue. The general seating capacity is 68,756. This doesn't include clubhouse seating, which is 6,600 and suite seating, which is 2,756. Perhaps the first thing that will catch your eye is the landmark 12-story high lighthouse that is situated on top of the Bank of America entrance to Gillette Stadium. The seating layout is comprised of three levels with the 100 level consisting of 38 rows of seating that is comfortable and close to the action. On the 200 level, there are 27 additional general rows that offer general seating prices with clubhouse benefits.

There are also 23 clubhouse rows that are sure to please some of the most discriminating patrons who want the luxury of the suite level but not the expense. Then there's the 300 level which has 26 rows which are designed to support virtually any budget, making every game to see the New England Patriots play affordable. The stadium is fitted with seats that are between 19 inches and 21 inches wide, providing comfort for extended sitting or for ease of jumping up and down to cheer when your favorite player scores a touchdown.

There are seven novelty stands on the main concourse, 4 additional stands in the clubhouses and 4 more stands on the upper concourse. The Patriots Pro Shop has thousands of items stocked in a space that's 7,200 square feet with something for everyone who visits and wants to take home a souvenir or collector's item. On the suite level, there are 86 luxury suites that hold from 16 to 32 people each. Two large super suites have a capacity for 70 people, making it possible to create a grand experience for family and friends all in one location at the stadium.

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