Top 10 Banned iPhone Apps

I am Rich
This app was nothing more than a glorified screen saver that cost $999.99. Once downloaded, a glowing red gem would appear on the screen followed by the words, “I Am Rich.” The iTunes description read: “The red icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this. It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all.” Before Apple removed the app, eight people actually purchased this functionless, ridiculous app.

Zombie School
This app simulates a quest for survival when everyone in the schoolyard has been infected by a ‘Zombie Virus.’ The app’s description read: ‘Your local campus has been infected by the Zombie Virus!!! Every one is infected!!! Will you run or will you fight to eliminate all the Zombies… You have the control over the Zombie shooting tower that your supporters have made you. Starting with a single bow and arrow start eliminating the Zombies.’ The app, which was criticized for promoting school violence, was initially approved, then later removed from the App Store.

The Dope Wars
This gaming app is a remake of the 1980s game DrugWars (for DOS and Ti calculators). ”Dope Wars,” according to its creators, allows users to play a drug dealer who has to make as much money as possible in 30 days by peddling narcotics. It was too explicit for the App Store, so the creators tweaked the premise and released a G-rated version called ”Candy Wars”.

Pull my Finger
The “Pull My Finger” app allowed users to virtually ‘pull’ a character’s finger to have it emit a farting sound. “Pull My Finger” was initially rejected by the iTunes App store on the grounds that it was of ‘limited utility.’ Three months later was accepted and went on to become one of the store’s most popular apps.

Booty Call
This suggestive app included a book of tips for hooking up and unique interface for dialing numbers. Apple rejected the app initially (due to sexual content, says the developer), but after the name was changed to “Black Book Dialer,” and some of the content was tweaked, they gave it the OK.

South Park
Apple took issue with the profanity-spewing cartoon characters, deciding that theSouth Park app was too vulgar to sell through the App Store. According to the app’s developers, it was rejected due to its ”potentially offensive” content. (And yet the movie and TV show are both available for download through iTunes.)

This app featured a photo of a knife and would play the Psycho theme when users simulated a stabbing motion with their phone. It was released just after a wave of teen stabbings in the UK and the app sparked outrage. Apple quickly cut down “Slasher.” However, this app is currently available for purchase, and seems to have been re-approved later.

Obama Trampoline
This app lets you choose one of 18 famous politicians, from Hillary Clinton to Sarah Palin, to bounce off a trampoline–in the Oval Office, no less. The goal is to control the tilt of the phone and bouncing pol to pop balloons floating on the top of the Oval Office with their heads. (The app even includes a pantsless Bill Clinton caricature.) Apple plays it safe when it comes to ‘defemation’ and the App Store didn’t want to take chances.

Baby Shaker
The ‘Baby Shaker’ app concept was simple: ‘stop the incessant crying of an infant pictured on screen by violently shaking the iPhone, at which point two red “x” marks appear over the baby’s eyes,’ explains CNET. Although iTunes originally approved the app, they later reconsidered their decision, and pulled the infanticide-simulating Baby Shaker from the App Store.

My Shoe
Taking inspiration from the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at President Bushin 2008, a man in Pakistan made an app that allowed users to simulate hurling cartoon shoes at a caricature of the former president. It didn’t last long, as iTunes takes a hard line when it comes to apps that ridicule public officials.

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