RSS Submission Sites List - Use RSS Submission Sites to get Traffic

The power of rss feeds - RSS submission list
RSS Feeds are an amazingly powerful tool for getting your online articles, sites, and hubpages quickly indexed and backlinked.
Using an RSS feed submission site allows you to spend a minute and create an automated way to backlink and promote all future posts, articles or hubs that show up on that feed for the life o fthe site you submitted to.
These sites allow you to enter in your desired keywords and description, many times creating a keyword anchored backlink to your work.
RSS Submission sites are very powerful and very easy!

What is your RSS Link to submit to RSS Submission site lists ?
f you look to your right, you will see the most commonly accepted symbol for a rss feed.
Almost every online publishing site and web site development program (content management system) incorporates automatic rss feed creation, if it doesnt - get a new service!
Sometimes, the rss icon is not used, instead you will see the words 'Subscribe to this feed" , this will also lead to the rss feed link.
Where is my RSS Feed Link?
HubPages: Under Your Profile Image you will see the link "Subscribe to UserName RSS Feed"
Just right click and save link as: ex)
At Hubpages all feeds have 3 possible permutations - "latest" can be interchanged with "hot" and "best" also each tag page can be made into a corresponding feed using the addition of ../?rss
Blogger/Blogspot - If you do not see an rss icon - check the bottom of your page for the words "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" Right Click on the hyperlink in order to get your feed url.
You can easily find a widget or theme that makes your blogs rss easier to find for your visitors.
WordPress: Most Themes on Wordpress have an easy to find rss icon integrated - if you cannot find your rss feed URL try this -

Current RSS Submission List 2010
RSS submission sites come and go, its hard to figure out which will be long lasting and which will turn into paid parking or just fail to stay updated - the following list is comprised in 5-2010 and all were confirmed to be online and working.
I went through to each site and found the direct submission link, if a free account is required it is noted.

  • Feeds4all (automated submissions blocked due to spam and duplicate, must email site)
  • 2rss (requires free account )
  • News Master
  • FeedBoy
  • Feeds Hoster
  • Blogoculars
  • Million RSS
  • FeedBees
  • FeedBomb
  • Feed Stumbler
  • Blog Hints
  • RSS Buffet
  • Blogs Feeder
  • Feedgy
  • RSS Mix
  • Feed Listing
  • Feedmil
  • Oobdoo
  • Blogbal
  • 5z5
  • Solar Warp
  • Weblogs
  • Feed Miner*
  • Sphere
  • Moz Dex
  • Uncle Feed
  • Pluck
  • News Net Plus
  • Focus Look
  • Blog Bunch
  • Blogtastic
  • Explore Blogs
  • Feed Pub
  • Feeds2Read
  • House Of Blogs
  • Blog Resource
  • Feed Burner
  • All Feeds
  • Content Desk
  • Feed See
  • Blog Watch
  • 4GuysFromRolla
  • Gnoos
  • Octora
  • Feedooyoo
  • RSS-Feeds-Sub
  • Readafeed*
  • Feedage
  • Rorseek
  • RSS Junky
  • Feed Fury
  • News on Feeds
  • Blog Census
  • Ultimate Search
  • Strategic Board
  • BlogRolling
  • Technorati
  • NewsGator
  • Pingomatic
  • Feedzie
  • Feed Cat
  • BeGoodBe
  • RDF Ticker
  • Blogotion
  • Newstin
  • FeedShark (pings rss feed)
Big List of RSS Submission Sites: Current Online Status not checked
The following sites have been working and powerful and are most likely online, they are merely separated as they have not been personally checked by the author.
*Edit* - hyperlinked sites are confirmed to be working
sites with a ( * ) signify defunct or inoperative at time of test, kept listed for archival purposes
  • Yahoo (Yahoo account required)
  • MSN Search
  • Moreover*
  • Blog Street
  • Memigo*
  • Feeds Farm*
  • Blogarama (site submissions)
  • News Knowledge
  • Blog Wise*
  • News Trove*
  • Every Feed*
  • Blog SE*
  • Boing Boing
  • RSS Clipping
  • Fastbuzz*
  • Eatonweb (paid submissions)
  • Newsmob
  • Feedster*
  • Search4RSS
  • Day Pop*
  • Feed-Directory*
  • Bloggernity
  • Bloogz
  • Technorati
  • News Is Free
  • Rocket Info
  • Genecast
  • Easy RSS
  • Postami
  • Topix
  • Headline Spot
  • Blogdex
  • Feed Directory
  • Pub Sub
  • Blog Tree
  • Findory
  • Blog Catalog
  • Step Newz
  • News Goblin
  • News Feeds
  • Popdex
  • Newzfire
  • Blog Pulse
  • Press Radar
  • Rub Hub
  • Feed 24*
  • FeedsForAll (email submission required)
  • Blog Map
  • Weblogs
  • Feed Burner

How should I use RSS submission sites
Depending on your level of dedication and income and traffic desires, you can use as few or as many of these submission sites as you like.
Remember, once an rss feed is submitted it will update every time you create new content. So the 1 minute exercise of adding your feed to a new site is a worthwhile time expenditure.
After, you submit rss feeds for your main sites or hubs - you can continue to submit the feeds for all of your supporting sites, ie Twitter, niche blogs, tag pages, specialized feedburner feeds, adsense revenue backlinking sites etc. If it has a feed its probably worth submitting.
If your an advanced web master with lots of sites and decent income, you may want to consider using an automated rss submission tool. I personally use RSSbot, mostly due to the lifetime upgardes and low cost. But RssSubmit is probably the front runner in submission tools, but has a higher price.

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