Think Outside The Box When Dressing For Nba Game

When you head to a NBA game, it's important to play the part. Many fans will choose to wear their team's jersey, or a T shirt that features the team name.
But there are many creative things you can wear to a basketball game that are a bit more creative. Here are some ideas.

Wear the team colors.

If you don't have a team jersey or a team T shirt, simply wear the team colors. If your team's colors are black and purple, you might choose to wear black sweatpants and a purple T shirt, or you might choose to wear a purple sweatshirt.

If you are strapped for cash, in fact, wearing the team colors (instead of officially licensed gear) can be an affordable, but still supportive, option.
Wear jewelry.

Wearing a team jersey isn't everyone's style. Even if you're a huge fan of the team, it might not be your style to wear a team jersey, or T shirt, or hat. In that case, go a little creative and think somewhat outside the box. You might choose to wear a necklace that includes the team colors or that has the team name on it. You might have a pair of earrings that have dangling from them the name of the NBA team.

Or you might choose to go more generic and choose to wear a necklace that features basketballs on it or little hoops.

Go silly.

If you want to ensure that you get face time on the cameras that are trolling the stands looking for interesting people to show during the commercial breaks and time outs, go silly.
In this case, you might choose to wear a silly headdress, or get completely decked out in NBA gear. You might choose to dress so you look just like one of the star players.
There are many ways to dress for a NBA basketball game; you don't have to leave excitement just for the players on the court.

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