Wine & Glass Guide

For the ultimate in wine enjoyment, choose a glass which best fulfills your needs. We offer you a variety of choices no matter what the occasion.
Select a suitable glass according to the particular types of wines and spirits of your choice. We have the perfect glass just for you – made by Riedel.

Why Glasses Make The Difference

Each individual is the sovereign of his palate. We cannot dictate rigid rules that override personal preferences. We can, however, give some valuable guidelines - and over the years the response of wine lovers to our suggestions has been overwhelmingly positive. Physical movements and adjustments of head and body are controlled subconsciously. The shape of the glass forces the head to position itself in such a way that you drink and do not spill.
Wide, open glass shapes require us to sip by lowering the head, whereas a narrow rim forces the head to tilt backwards so that the liquid flows because of its gravity. . Very large glasses with a capacity of more than 25 ounces allow you to "nose" through the layers of bouquet by inhaling very gently and regularly for about ten seconds, penetrating down through the surface layers of fruit to the more earthy and alcoholic notes . This delivers and positions the beverage to different "taste zones" of the palate.

How to Serve Wine


Guiding Principle: The content determines the shape.


The size of a glass is important, affecting the quality and intensity of aromas. The breathing space has to be chosen according to the “personality" of the wine or spirit. Red wines require large glasses, white wines medium-sized glasses and spirits, small ones (to emphasize the fruit character and not the alcohol).

Serving Quantities:

The glass should not be over-filled.
Red wine: four to five ounces;
White wine: three ounces;
Spirits: one ounce.


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