How to create your own creative QR Code

For those who doesn’t know what a QR code is, here is a quick introduction, a QR or “quick responds” code is an encoded information in a coded form readable with the help of a QR-readers. Its like a barcode of a product, and the counter scanner scans the barcode to get the price, while in this case the encoded information.

QR codes are everywhere these days, you’ll see it while window shopping, reading the newspapers in the morning, on a bottle, contest (scan to win), and t-shirts. Its everywhere! Some question whether QR codes are even useful. That is a debate that I would love to talk about in the future post, however this post is more about designing your QR code, making it different or standout.

There are tons of QR codes generator out there, however most of them just generate a basic, dull, black and white QR code. Recently I stumbled upon QR Hacker after reading a post by Simply Zesty.So here are some ways you can design your own QR code without the need or knowledge of photoshop or design, because I certainly don’t have design skills in my blood.

 1. Put your company logo on a QR code

The easiest way to brand your QR code is to put your brand on it. Its the easiest way with the help of QR Hacker, all you need to do is upload your logo. This gives you a slightly different QR code compared to old and boring black and white code. Moreover it helps you to brand your company.
Here is one I did for Facebook..

(oh this is my favourite)


Inspired by BBC’s pixel QR code, here is one you can do with QR hacker too. It will take you more time compared to the one above. You can do this by using the “edit pixel by pixel” feature.


I love the movie Inception, its one of the best and origial movie that I’ve watched. Inspired by the “dream within a dream” story line, I thought, why not a QR code within a QR code? 
You can easily do this by creating a QR code, saving it and then create a second QR code and uploading your saved QR code as a “logo”. Just like what we did for the first image.
This is the end result.

Now you can have personal and creative QR codes on your advertising, business cards, everywhere. You name it. No more boring and sleepy old QR codes.
What do you think? If you’ve tried it let me know.

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