Tips to Keep Active During Long Journeys

For journeys that last more than a couple of hours, keeping in your seat for the entire duration is almost impossible. You begin to feel restless and uncomfortable. We often slouch when we sit and keeping your back in this position for too long may cause discomfort. Staying in your seat for the whole time can also have serious health risks, such as blood clots and swelling if you’re flying. Keeping active during long journeys is the key to staying safe and comfortable. Here are three exercises you can do.

Take a Walk

The simplest is to take a short walk up and down the aisle every 30 minutes if your flight or car ride lasts more than three to four hours. This gets the blood circulation around your legs and can be an important way to avoid deep vein thrombosis – blood clots that can form in your legs. It also gives your bum and lower back a break from the seat and can help overcome boredom too. Continually bumping over an uneven road can jolt your body around and make you feel uncomfortable so it’s important to take regular breaks.

Bathroom Exercises

 You might think the guys next to you is crazy if you see him standing up and squatting or doing leg stretches in the aisle. Especially if he has to keep stopping to let other people pass. But the health benefits are definitely worth it. It might seem odd but you can exercise in the bathroom for five minutes and you’re less likely to feel embarrassed. If you’re sat in the back of a car, calf raises are a simple way to exercise your lower legs and can be done in a tight space. Getting out to squat will help relieve the symptoms of a stiff lower back and will stretch your thighs.

Avoid a Headache

Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of views you have while sat as a passenger. Unless you stare straight on and study the back of the driver’s seat, you’re likely to be craning you neck, whether it’s looking up at the TV or out of your window. All of this can contribute towards headaches and this can prevent you from sleeping and maybe even eating. Make sure you stretch your neck and shoulders as often as possible. Even your face may need a bit of stretching, you may find yourself frowning or squinting as you read or watch TV. Stretch your neck by looking left and right or shrugging your shoulders. Also try massaging your temples and forehead with your fingertips.

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