6 Reasons to Choose Princess Cruises for Your Upcoming Holiday

With so many different cruise lines offering holiday packages for interested travellers, it can be a difficult decision to narrow down all your options and find one truly remarkable cruise ship. Princess Cruises is one of the top ranked cruise carriers in the world, offering a wide range of destination, truly delicious dining and a whole range of fabulous activities on enjoy onboard. Read through for 6 great reasons to choose Princess Cruises for your upcoming holiday.

1. Nightly Entertainment: One element that sets Princess Cruises apart from any other liners is the nightly entertainment onboard its ships. Whether you want to gamble in the casino, watch a Broadway quality musical production or just dance the night away, each ship has all of those options and more to make each evening an exciting one.

2. Incredible Dining Options: There can be no denying that one of the most enjoyable elements of taking a cruise is trying out fantastic meals each day. Princess Cruise ships boast a range of restaurants for passengers, from casual poolside dining to formal banquets and buffet. Choose from the many cuisines on offer each night, including Italian, French, American, Japanese and more.

3. Family Friendly Activities: Each ship boasts a youth centre and a teen lounger to give children a fun place to gather with friends each day on the ship. Counsellors lead games, crafts, video game competitions and activities to help get everyone involved. From children as young as three to teenagers who want their own space onboard, Princess Cruises offers something for every age group.

4. Fascinating Shore Excursions: Although your cruise ship might be so comfortable you don’t want to leave, at each destination there are a wide variety of shore excursions available. Of course there is always the option to explore the location on your own, but tour guides organized through Princess Cruises can lead you on tours featuring local art, history, nature or animals. Or, join in one of the fun activity tours for hikes, zip-lines and even kayaking, depending on your destination.

5. A Wide Range of Destinations: With a cruise line as large as Princess Cruises, there are a wide variety of destinations to choose for your holiday. The most popular choices are to places like Mexico, Alaska and the Caribbean, but other options include Mediterranean tours or even trips to the Far East.

6. Luxurious Accommodations: Although many people mistakenly believe that cruise ship accommodations are limiting, the reality is that rooms and suites are offered in many different sizes depending on budget. Beds and comfortable and the decorating truly upscale. Enjoy daily housekeeping as well as a turn down service each evening while you are at dinner.


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