Understanding More SharePoint Key Service Terms

Farm – collection of servers that act together to provide a set of Web applications. The farm is most easily defined by the configuration database which defines the server member and roles of the farm as well as database servers used for storage.
Web application – In a SharePoint deployment contains IIS Web Sites previously known as IIS Virtual Servers that have been extended with SharePoint Server and have been set up to use the .NET assemblies to provide the SharePoint Application. There are content Web applications, and administration Web applications for both the central admin and the SSP admin. Web applications are known for their ability to isolate content in separate memory space with application pools which contain worker processes. In a collaboration service the Web application provides the container for the site collections in the farm.
Site Collection – A site collection is the most scalable unit in a SharePoint deployment and is a container for sites. The special properties of the site collection are the ability to have a quota, contain a global navigation, masterpage, and various galleries provided across the sites below it, and the ability to contain ownership. Considered the most scalable object in a deployment and the easiest to manage for its ability to be backed up and moved full fidelity across databases.
Site – a container of multiple lists which can inherit security, and leverage the galleries of the site collection above it. Primarily usage in a collaboration environment is for delegation of projects or to divide up content for easy navigation.
Portal – A special site template designed to host many sites below it. Common properties include special page galleries for Internet, or site directory on an Intranet portal. Another term might be hub based on navigation and a common place to go where you don’t know where to look for something. It’s the top of the breadcrumb navigation.
Quota – The SharePoint Server feature of Quota allows for a notification level and a maximum level. The notification advises the owners that the site is nearing the maximum quota and the site should be “cleaned up.” When the maximum quota is reached, the state of the site is read only and no further content can be added. When one quota is referred to, it is always the maximum quota.
Site Administrator – The manager of the permissions, providing delegation of rights and permissions levels
Site Owner – Specified during creation the primary and secondary owners provide the determination of the site. They receive both quota notification and expiration notifications for the site collection. It is common that site administrators and owners are the same individuals.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer / SharePoint Designer – Tool used to create master pages, create and manage workflows, and Web Part designer. A powerful tool for managing sites and its usage should be monitored.
WSS – Windows SharePoint Services provides the foundation of the collaboration platform with permissions levels and common templates.
MOSS – Office SharePoint Server provides application functionality on top of the base platform including auditing, expiration, common workflow templates, better master page galleries, and intranet and internet templates for quick deployment scenarios.
 Master page – Controls the consistency and look and feel of a site or site collection.
Gallery – A special list or library containing Web Parts, master pages, and layouts.
Web Part – A snippet of code used for displaying lists, libraries, images, navigation or functional UI.  Also used synonymously with widget, gadget, JQuery plugin.
List – A collection of items with rows and columns similar to a table. A list can contain documents, images, a user contact, a row of text, as well as business data.
Content type – Controls the aspect of what data can be added to a list and how that data is handled, but this document won’t provide the depth of the abilities of content types as this is primarily a collaboration environment with flexible content types to be delegated and managed by the site owner.

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