Best Practices SharePoint

Best practices for team collaboration sites
Enforce site and content size limits
Follow recommended guidelines for managing site collections, site, lists, and documents according to business needs, including the following:
  • 50,000 site collections per content database
  • 500 MB per site collection (default quota maximum)
  • 50 MB file size limit (recommended) up to 2 GB (maximum)
  • 2000 items per list view
Best Practices for capacity management

1.     Document information in the following areas:
·         The number of users, requests per second (RPS), number of sites, number of documents, and the amount of data that is stored are important numbers to record.
·         For Search, document the number of content sources and the index size.
·         Document user authentication access methods and numbers.
2.     Well-known guidelines include the following:
·         1,000 users yield one RPS    Note that this guideline applies to a typical user at 10 percent concurrency
3.   Plan for a maximum of 20,000 users per collaboration Web server   

4.    Use a separate instance of SQL Server for each 5 terabytes of content   

Keep content database sizes under 100 GB to enable fast and reliable backups, and to avoid list contention issues during peak usage.

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