The Most Common Dreams That People Have

Dreams tell us the secrets of our subconscious. They expose the feelings, thoughts and fears that people are afraid to confront during waking hours. By analyzing your dreams, you can get to the bottom of your own motivations, hopes and fears. What you’re dreaming about may not symbolize the future, but it can illuminate the present.Driving a Car Driving a car in a dream is symbolic of the way you ‘drive’ your life. If the car is traveling serenely down familiar roads, it reflects contentment or satisfaction. If the car is careening out of control on a road you don’t recognize (or off the road completely), maybe that’s how you feel about the way your life is going. Perhaps it represents a fear that your life has or will spin out of control.
Being Naked
Dreams of being naked- especially in public- suggest that the dreamer is feeling exposed or fears being exposed. How they react to being naked in the dream indicates how they feel about the exposure. If you’re walking calmly down a busy midday street without a stitch on, maybe you‘re happy about revealing some secrets.
Chasing or Being Chased
Chasing something in a dream is like chasing something in real life: it represents your efforts to achieve a goal. Being chased reflects anxiety and fear. If you pay attention to who is chasing you, where you are and how far they are behind you, you learn about your own anxieties. Dreams of being chased also suggest a tendency to flee, rather than confront, your problems.
Flight dreams are often a form of lucid dream. Lucid dreams are dreams where you know you are dreaming. Dreamers in flight often feel happy, content, as if they have risen above their problems. Wobbly flight indicates that you are unsure about your position “above-it-all”.
Dreams of falling mean failure. Either the dreamers believes they have failed or they fear failure. It can also mean the dreamer feels as though they are falling into an indiscretion- usually a sexual one. Dreams where you feel you are falling and wake with a jerk are a primal reaction- it probably helped our primitive ancestors stay alert. These are called hypnic jerks.
It can help you cope with your emotions if you keep a dream journal. A little time spent each morning thinking about your dreams and what they mean can help you decide how to go about life during the day. After spending the night falling naked through the air or crashing a car, you should be ready for anything.

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