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I became addicted to "The Sims" computer games way back in the 90's when "SimCity" made you the mayor and charged you with building roads, developing communities, and putting out fires from a bird's eye point of view. The makers at Electronic Arts have come a long way since then -- "The Sims" was released at the beginning of 2000, and this time you controlled the residents who lived in SimCity. You'd start with creating a Sim, choosing it's name, age, gender and astrological sign, giving it a husband or a child and then either moving the family into a pre-made home or buying a plot of land and building one yourself. Once settled, you would start playing God, decreeing when your Sim would work, sleep, call for pizza and use the bathroom. It was wonderfully addictive.
"The Sims" was an instant success, and it spawned dozens of expansion packs such as "The Sims: Hot Date", "The Sims Vacation" and "The Sims House Party", add-ons which offered more items, new clothes, better scenery and furry pets. The trick to the game is that, as in life, everything costs MONEY. You're given an allowance at the start of the game but that quickly dwindles, and you can work a job to earn more but it's never enough. Here is a compilation of Sims cheats and codes that exist solely to get you through the game with fun and invincibility and an endless supply of money to spend as you deem fit.


To use a cheat code, hold down CTRL + SHIFT + C while playing the game and a small text box will pop up in the corner. Type the code into that box and then hit ENTER.
Get more money
  • rosebud -- Gives you 1,000 simolean dollars
  • rosebud!;!;!;!;!;!; -- Keep typing until you hear the thumping noise that means you ran out of room. Hit ENTER and the game will say "Invalid Code" but your money will skyrocket

Change speed of game play:

  • sim_speed XXXX -- Replace XXXX with a number between -1000 and 1000. The -1000 slows the game down, 1000 speeds it up. To deactivate the cheat, press '1,' '2,' or '3' or select one of the three speeds.

Raise Mood bar to give full life:

  • move_objects on -- Enter code, save game, go into Buy mode, click on the Sim and delete him. Return to Live mode (you'll see a crosshairs over the Sim) click on the Sim and he'll return with full health and life.


Create a perfect personality -- Create a Sim with no personality points. When you save your character, the game will ask you if you want to continue even though you have not used all your points. Click Yes. Then buy the "Concatenation Station chemistry set" and have your Sim work at it until he makes a yellow potion. This is the "Personality Inversion" potion and when you have him drink it, his personality will invert from a zero to a ten!
Here are what the other color potions will do for your Sim:
  • BLUE: Motive Enhancer maxes out all motives, but there‘s a 30% chance you‘ll be visited by a policeman later that night and be fined $500.
  • CHARTREUSE: Motive Subtractor makes all motives drop to zero. Do not drink!
  • BROWN: Invisibility for one hour, lets you spy on other Sims.
  • RED: Love potion, will cause your Sim and any other Sim to fall instantly in love
  • GREEN: Evil Clone is created with a personality opposite of your Sim. He‘ll remain for 6 hours, tormenting your Sim and his guests, causing your relationships with others to suffer.
  • PINK: Your Sim becomes Frankenstein's Monster for 2 hours. You will be unable to control the Sim during this time, and it will wreak havoc.
  • WHITE: Cure, a potion which can only be created by a Sim who is sick with the Guinea Pig Disease. Drinking it cures the illness.
** Sims with different personalities will get enjoyment out of different TV programs. Playful Sims like cartoons, Grouchy Sims prefer horror, Active Sims like action, and Outgoing Sims want romance. **

Make a baby -- Put a male and female Sim with the same astrological sign in a room with no doors, have them kiss approximately ten times and the female Sim will ask about a baby.

Care for the baby -- Have one of the parents miss work for two days so they get fired; he or she is now able to care for the baby 24 hours a day.

Keep the baby from being taken away -- If this doesn't work, wait for the social worker to come and pause game play. Hit CTRL + SHIFT + C and enter the "move_objects on" code, then enter Build mode. Select the hand, pick up social worker and delete her. A new baby will appear in the middle of the room.

Never pay bills -- Hit CTRL + SHIFT + C and enter the "move_objects on" code. Enter Build mode, pick up the mailbox and delete it. Bills cannot be delivered if there's no mailbox to put them in!

Stop robberies -- While the robber is stealing your stuff, buy some large sofas or big furniture and use it to trap him in a corner. If you don't call the police, the robber will stay there until he dies.

Bring a dead Sim back to life -- Sell everything in the house, evict the family and then buy the house again. Once the house loads, all the Sims will be alive again, and with full mood bars.

Turn Sims into zombies -- Kill a Sim and when the Grim Reaper appears beg him not to take the Sim away. If he agrees, the Sim will become a zombie.

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