10 Free Computer Games That Rock - No Demos!

I know in this economical time of distress, the last thing you want to be spending your money on is unnecessary material items. I’m constantly searching for freebies, because after all, once all the bills are paid for, I barely have enough money to keep food in the fridge, let alone go out and buy superfluous accessories. After about a year of exploring all the great, free stuff out there on the ‘net, I’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest free computer games there are to offer.

Frets on FireIf you like the Guitar Hero series, then you will absolutely love Frets on Fire. It’s Guitar Hero on your computer, played with your keyboard! And when I say that it’s played with your keyboard, I mean you hold that keyboard like it’s your guitar and rock out. Frets on Fire is set up much like Guitar Hero, but like I said, you play with the keyboard by pressing the Function buttons as the keys and Enter as the strum bar. The game comes with a small collection of starter songs, but more can be downloaded from the official website and at other places around the Internet. Happy rocking!

Savage 2With impressive graphics and addictive gameplay, there’s no way you could have a collection of free games without this one. Savage 2 is an FPS meets RTS, and it’s completely multiplayer which will probably come as good news to a lot of people. Players are split up into two teams with a commander on each side, and both teams strive to destroy the other’s command center. The players’ perspective under the commander appear 3rd person and low to the ground, while the commander’s perspective appears in RTS style! New players might find the game difficult at first, but once you begin learning, you won’t be able to stop playing.

F.E.A.R. CombatThis is a great FPS, as it is also a completely online multiplayer, and it’s actually fun! This game moves at an exciting pace with great graphics, which those factors are hard to come by when searching for free games. The game features several stimulating game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, Elimination modes (last man standing type games), etc. Not only does the game include awesome game modes, it’s got loads of great weapons to eliminate your opponent with! Some of the weapons you can choose from are (but not limited to) a rocket launcher, a collection of sub machine guns, a shotgun, a railgun, etc. If you’re looking for a great FPS without having to spend a dime, then check this goody out!

S.W.I.N.E.I’m not going to lie. This game is a little quirky, but the concept is great. This is a great RTS game (without the gathering of resources and building construction) with very nice graphics! You choose to either play as rabbits or pigs in campaign, and then you are put on the frontlines to defeat your opponent. Multiplayer also features exciting game modes to play as well. If you’re into cheesy humor, then this game is definitely right up your alley!

CellFactor: RevolutionOriginally this game was designed for use in combination with a PhysX graphics card; kind of like an advertising scheme to show gamers how “cool” the card can make your gaming experience appear, but after further examination, the game performs perfectly well without the card. Although this game is a bit needy of optimal computer specs, it makes for a great, free FPS. Don’t expect a story mode behind the game, as it is based around fancy graphics and killing opponents. The only multiplayer experience that this game offers is via LAN connection but not online, which might be disappointing to some. Overall, I think it’s worth it to check this one out if you are into LAN gaming.
Trackmania Nations Forever – If you’re looking for a fun, exciting racing game then this is it. The tracks in this game make the experience, as they are all well-detailed and thrilling. Don’t expect a realistic experience with factors such as vehicle damage and life-like physics. This game is more centered on having fun, and not worrying about the technical end of things. The best part is this game DOES offer a massive online multiplayer experience, as well as leader boards and the like. One more thing that makes this game completely awesome is the fact that you can build your own tracks with an editor for use in the game. Nice!

Tremulous – Tremulous is an exceedingly fast-paced FPS/RTS game that allows you to join 1 of 2 opposing races, humans or aliens. Your purpose is to build structures (like in an RTS) and eradicate the opposing team. One of the buildings that the teams have the ability of constructing are meant for respawning players, and if the opposing team destroys that particular building, your team will be quick to be eliminated. New players start out as weak humans or aliens and eventually grow more powerful as the game advances. If you’re looking for a fun, enticing experience, try Tremulous.

Freeciv – If you’re a fan of the Civilization games produced by Sid Meier then you’ll definitely be interested in this similar strategy game. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then the game can be best explained by telling you that your mission is to lead a civilization and conquer the world. You advance in the game by exploring, building cities, and conquering other nations. You have the choice of either playing single player or going up against other players online on a Freeciv server. The graphics are not much to drool over, but the concept is wonderful. Give Freeciv a try!

AssaultCube – This is a great FPS that features a single player and multiplayer mode. Although the game does feature the single player mode, the game is most known for its multiplayer as it is perceived to be the most enjoyable part of it. As far as downloading the game, it is extremely small (somewhere around 20 MB or so), so don’t expect to be anxiously waiting around for it the download to complete. Don’t try comparing this game up against newer FPS’s though, as the game is quite aged and the engine is pretty old-fashioned. But really, those things aside, this game still makes for an exciting experience and time-waster
The Suffering – This awesome survival FPS features an amazingly eerie storyline that is set in a prison that is infested with monsters. You play a character named Torque, and your main objective is to escape the extremely creepy prison. Although the game provides a solid, gripping plot, there is no multiplayer to accessorize the fun, which is discouraging. However, if you’re looking for a great story to delve into and conquer, try The Suffering out, you won’t be let down.

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