How to Live Like James Bond

Do you want the James Bond lifestyle? The travel, the women, the adventure, the style, the money...
It sounds pretty much like 'the dream' right? You're not alone, there are thousands of people around the globe who agree that Mr Bond is the epitome of cool. For some however it's more than just a dream...
A select group of people have been living the James Bond lifestyle without even the hassle of tackling international criminals. After some time Derek Johanson stumbled across their secret and has not only studied this global elite but has managed to become one of them!
Now part of this global elite; Derek Johanson managed to refine the lifestyle into several key elements which he has then broken down into actionable steps that anyone can achieve. He has written a guide on how to live like James Bond in real life and today I will share the key elements that his eye opening study contains.

Here Are the Keys to Living the James Bond Lifestyle...

  • The Bond Style & Image
  • The James Bond Body
  • Lethal Seduction Techniques
  • Associated Lifestyle Skills
  • Money, Wealth & Exotic Travel
Cover all these bases and you will not only be living like Bond but find that the benefits spill over into all areas of your life. This is the truth that many people are living across the globe afforded by the growth in possibilities with modern technology.

The Bond Style & Image

James bond has style that is timeless. No matter where he is or who he meets he always manages to dress impeccably for the occasion. To mimic this you will need to learn how to buy the best looking clothes at prices that won't break your bankroll.
Think it's just about the clothes? Think again! Learning body language secrets is one way that you can improve the way that you are perceived by others. When combined with the muscle building mission included in Derek's guide you'll be irresistable, which leads in nicely to the next area...

Lethal Seduction Techniques

The bond girls are legendary in their own right and this isn't by chance. You'll need to learn how to adopt James Bond's attitude and seduction techniques to attract beautiful women.You need to be able to use humour to build attraction and frequent places where you are likely to meet the Bond girl of your dreams.
Attraction may not be a choice but learning a selection of 'lethal seduction techniques' will enable you to approach women without the fear of rejection. Once she's hooked you will soon be able to sexually escalate and become intimate with your own Bond girl where ever you may be in the world.

Money, Wealth & Exotic Travel

Sure you may have mastered the art of seduction and have a style that would put the average man to shame but what does it count if you're not free to explore and play with it. With the advent of modern technology more and more people are finding that they have the ability to travel the globe and live the Bond lifestyle without becoming an international spy!
Don't beleive me, simply look to the world of lifestyle design where people are travelling the globe and earning as freelance writers, developers and much more. Living the Bond lifestyle really means the world is your playground.

Isn't it About Time You Lived The Dream?

Whilst looking through this hub it's likely that a sense of excitement grew within as you realised that living the Bond lifestyle really is possible. You can take control of your life and break free from mundane once and for all. Can you imagine how you'll feel in a years time as you sit in your dream location with a beautiful woman by your side?
If you'd like to learn more about Derek's step by step system for living the Bond lifestyle then make sure you check out his elite training guide entitled "007 Lifestyle: Living Like James Bond".
Everything has been broken down into sections with unique missions so that before you know it suddenly you'll be the guy who knew what it took to talk to the most beautiful women in clubs, bars, and on the street. You'll be the guy who spends his time travelling exotic locations in style. You'll be the guy living like James Bond.

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