Top 7 Touchscreen Mobile Phones

A mobile phone is no more mere communicating means while being away from one’s landline; these days it has become more of a fancy gadget. People go for those handsets which are equipped with latest technology features, can capture memorable moments, save them an iPod’s cost and connect them to internet wherever they need. Touchscreen mania is the latest trend with technology geeks.

Following are 7 most hyped Touchscreen phones

HTC Magic

This super sleek mobile phone is a descendant of G1. Magic lacks a QWERTY keyboard; an imperative reason of its weightlessness. 3.2 inch QVGA Touchscreen is super sensitive, interface is evidently enhanced, operating system is upgraded to Android “cupcake”, and the trackball is painless to use. This phone has a uni body form, and is outfitted with a 3.2 mp camera, Wi-Fi and HSDPA.

Though absence of a physical keyboard has been a positive point; it makes messaging a difficult task.

LG Arena KM900

With new 3D S-class interface and rich 3D graphics; LG Arena KM900 is a potential big hit. New interface changes menus into rotating cubes, giving a unique and special effect. This layout has four customizable home screens.

This phone has 800 x 480 3-inch display, a 5 mp camera, Wi-Fi, aGPS, FM radio and long living battery.

Samsung Omnia HD

Now, here comes a screen too big to make us cry out a “wow”! With 3.7 inches OLED Touchscreen and TouchWiz interface, Omnia HD is a nicely designed handset. There are 3 different home pages available. Quality of video is simply amazing with its 8 mp camera.

Nevertheless, one will have to press the Touchscreen really hard in order to do a desired task, which is a little bit exasperating at times.

Sony Ericsson Idou

Presently in a prototype stage, this amazing Touchscreen mobile phone is expected to hit the markets in the end of 2009. It has a 3.5-inch 640×360 Touchscreen, a 12.1 mp camera, and a quite fresh interface. It allows customizing contacts as well as audio/video playback. In all, this phone is a must get given SE fulfils the promises made through its prototype.

Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 is a multimedia smart phone, announced in December 2008, likely to be presented in the market by June 2009. It is a Touchscreen mobile phone, with a slide-out full QWERTY keypad. An awesome photo taking and sharing experience is just another boost to N97’s market value. Nokia makes this possible with a 5mp camera. GPS, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, Stereo speakers and 48 GB memory is all that makes this a praiseworthy handset.

Palm Pre

Palm needs a boost to its venture. Pre is perhaps the very long awaited product that can take Palm again in to the market. It is being termed as the first true competitor of Apple’s iPhone. Pre comes with a 3 mp camera, 3.1 inches multi-Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 8 GB of storage and electromagnetic induction charging.

iPhone Nano

Though Apple hasn’t announced this phone yet, it has really been hyped. No one knows whether Apple will release a newer version of iPhone. But it is expected to come up with an upgraded version within this year.

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