How to create a FBML page

This will probably be the most comprehensive tutorial on “How to create a FBML page“. I hope that once you read it, you’ll be able to create your own FaceBook FBML page in seconds.
So what’s the definition of FBML – it’s a Face Book Markup Language, which generally does not really differ from HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), but has some restrictions. It is being served by a FaceBook application named “Static FBML“.
#1 Let’s consider that you already have a Facebook Page, if not – go to and create one.
Once your FaceBook fan page is created you can access it by going to Account > Manage Pages

#2 Ok. So you’re at your fan page and willing to add the Static FBML application, to be able to create custom FaceBook pages. Enter your page settings by going to “Edit Page” link right under the page avatar:
#3 Once you are at the Settings page, scroll down to the very bottom to see the More Applications box, where Static FBML is usually listed by default:
#4 It’s really easy to install the Static FBML application to your FaceBook fan page. Once you clicked the link of the application, you’ll be redirected to it’s page, where there’s a clear link to “Add to my page“:
#5 Don’t forget that to return to your FaceBook page you need to go to Account > Manage Pages. Go to the settings of your page and you’ll see that Static FBML application has now appeared there:
#6 Go to the Edit link and you’ll finally get to the place where you need to place your FBML code. The main trick here is that you need to skip the html and body tags and start withdivs, tables or anything you want. You can also use styles for each element, embed video & flash and even use FBJS (more on this later). But lets learn how to create a simple FBML page.
I’ve placed a simple helloworld html code into that box. And typed MyPAGE in the Box Title – this will be a name of your custom tab on your FaceBook page.
I have one phrase, one picture and couple of styles, and here’s the result, which is shown under MyPAGE tab of my FaceBook Page:
Yes, it’s pretty easy to create a FBML page, what is far more complicated is to design an attractive layout, which will convert your visitors into fans and then code that layout into FBML page. If you’re not familiar with design, coding and your web developer asks for too much – checkout the great collection of FaceBook templates on our website. I’m sure there’s the one you need there.

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