Google releases multiple sign-in, does what is says, Search History introduced as well

Having more than one Google account may be pretty uncomfortable at times. But Google has finally find the solution for that: multiple sign-in. Now, logging into just one of your accounts will grant you access to your other accounts, as well. And that’s not all: as of today US Google customers can take advantage of another new feature called Search History.
Let’s first take a look at the Search History feature. To give it a try, you only have log into your Google account and then click on the “History” link at the bottom of the Google front page. This will allow you to easily find the pages you’ve visited recently or to see starred items from your Android, iPhone and desktop searches.
Luckily, you can always delete the search history and disable it if you don’t want other to have access to your recently visited pages. To enable or disable search history, log into your Google account and go to Settings.
Google Search HistoryGoogle Search HistoryGoogle Search History
Google Search History
Now, it’s time see what multiple sign-in is all about. Once you’ve enabled it, you’ll get access to all your Google accounts (up to three at a time) by just logging into one of them (it becomes your default account). No more workarounds needed.
Interestingly, if the current Google product you’re using doesn’t support multiple accounts, while using it, you’ll only be logged into your default account only. And when you leave any Google product (it doesn’t matter which account you’re logged into), you’ll be signed out of all your accounts. For now the only supported Google services are Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Code, and Sites. I was really hoping for YouTube, but it doesn’t have green light yet.
By the way, the multiple sign-in feature can’t be used by all accounts at the moment but Google promises to bring it to all its customers as soon as possible. And one more thing, keep in mind that currently you can’t use multiple accounts simultaneously on a mobile device or on the Google Calendar’s gadget.

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