Search Profiles In Social Networks : 9 Popular Search Engines For Social Networks

Social network search engines help one to search dozens of social networking sites and other online sites by a person’s name, nickname, email address etc. Here we gathered a list of such search engines which can help you finding other people’s profiles in various social networking sites.

1. Social Mention

Social Mention

Social Mention is a social media search and an analysis platform. It aggregates user generated content from across the world into a single stream of information. In Social Mention you can search blogs, micro blogs, networks, bookmarks, comments, events, images, news, videos, audios and questions for a specific term just by typing your term. The results can be sorted by date, source, sentiment, keyword and more.You can also create alerts for your searches which will be sent to your mail daily and install a real-time buzz widget on your site.

2. yoName


With the help of yoName you can search for people using their name, username, email address or phone number on 26 different social networks. Just type the information into the search field then click yo and the results will be sorted in a tabbed interface depending on different social networks.

3. is a very powerful social network search engine. It is also known as the social white pages. You can search for a person by his first and last name in one single interface. The sites are broken into categories such as Social (Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Bebo), Professional (LinkedIn), Academic (Google Scholar, MIT), Blogs (Wordpress), General (Pipl, yoName, Google e), and Regional. In the main page it gives you options of the all of the sites.

4. Folowen


Folowen was also a directory. The social search of this site is powered by Google. It covers most of the top social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Ning, Vimeo, hi5, and Bebo. The user can search for social profiles and organizations on several social media sites in one search result. Anyone can use the service but the signed up users can search the history which will be saved automatically, thus enabling the user to find their result anytime. When you search social links are broken up by social network, with the top result showing for each website. You can click more results if more than one result was discovered for a particular website.

5. Samepoint


Samepoint is a conversation search engine. It allows you to see what people are talking about. The results can be sorted in multiple ways by selection from options at the top of the screen which include real-time, bookmarks, wikis, networks, groups, micro blogs and news. When you search, your results appear in a stream of content and it provides snippets of the conversation, along with the symbol of the social site where the conversation is taking place.

6. Google Social Search

google social search

In Google’s social search you can search for a term and click on more search tools off to the left hand side of the screen. When more options appear select Social and the results are filtered so as to include only those found in your social circle.

7. Wink People Search

wink people search

Wink People Search is a powerful search engine. It is the world’s largest people search engine. You can find people by name, location, school, work, interest (like music, TV, movie) and get their phone number, address, websites, photos, work, school and more. It has hundreds of millions of user profiles in its database. In order to get better results with Wink, you should include as many details as you can such as birthdays, high school or university, company, hometown and interests.

8. Pipl


Pipl is a people search engine .It searches the deep web, which is not typically crawled by search engines like Google. In Pipl you can search by name, email, phone number and username.

9. Whoisi


Whoisi is an easy to use search engine which is currently in public beta. It allows you to find out what your friends are doing. It is a unique because it is public and can be edited by anyone just like a wiki. There is no sign up required and your friends need not participate on the site in order for you to keep track of them. It allows you to search with a real name, screen name or even a nickname.

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