The Palace of Assassins by Aditya Iyengar

The Palace of Assassins by Aditya Iyengaar

Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 9789351950820, 9351950824
Edition: 2016
Pages: 262

Story of Ashwatthama; the lone survivor of the Kaurava camp;

Aditya Iyengaar's second book after The Thirteenth Day explores about the rise of Ashwatthama. The book is about revenge, passion and redemption that recasts the events in the aftermath of the Kurukshetra War. The book brings about a whole new light on one of the most misunderstood characters in Mahabharata, Ashwatthama.

Lord Krishna gave immortality and leprosy to Ashwatthama. To this date it is said Ashwatthama is still alive but as a Leper. Blessed and cursed at the same time a war hero and a coward at the same time. Ashwatthama angered Lord Krishan with his act of mercilessly killing five sons of Pandavas and three other warriors in their sleep.

The book talks about Ashwatthama's life after war, it flows your imagination throughout the book and keep pacing right from the point Ashwatthama woke up in the desert after the war to the point he finds cure for the leprosy. The book will talk about the journey Ashwatthama and inner most thoughts he has after the war, the endless wait and the cure that may come. It talks about the struggle with himself for the safety of woman he dearly loves, Kasturi.

Aditya Iyengaar has put a new perspective to Mahabharata with both of his books, and The Palace of Assassins is just amazing as knowing what inner struggle is and how time as a factor can affect you is well described

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