8 tips to plan a vacation that doesn't hurt your pocket!

Summer holidays are round the corner and this is the perfect time to plan a family vacation. Planning a holiday is not only a stress buster for the entire family to tide over exam stress but also a very effective way to save money while enjoying. Yes, planning is the key to having a fun vacation while saving more of course.
Many a times, the thought of vacations brings to our mind additional expenses. Instead, when planned effectively one can actually save up for travelling. This approach will ensure that there is no undue financial stretch. The surprise element when it comes to expensive last minute bookings or other such expenses is out. This reduces considerable stress and one can return from a vacation relaxed and rejuvenated. Here are a few tips which will help you plan effectively and look forward to the vacation.
#1 Planning must begin months ahead
 With so many holiday offers and hotel booking advertisements flashing online and on television one can easily get baffled while making a choice. Once the destination is finalized half the work is done. The approximate cost can be worked out and budgets can be planned accordingly. This approach helps in focusing on minimizing travel costs without getting distracted cause of pop up offers on different destinations.
#2 Saving up for the vacation
Having planned a destination with an approximate budget helps in calculating the money to be set aside every month to add up to the total amount until the vacation month. This money can be invested in a recurring fixed deposit or set aside in comparatively high yielding savings account. The excitement and money stack up simultaneously until your vacation day!
#3 Use credit cards smartly
The temptation to swipe credit cards while on a holiday is difficult to resist. Saving for your vacation is a good way to earn interest instead of paying interest on vacation expenses. The wise thing to do is use the credit card during the vacation and pay off the entire credit card balance from the saved money, once back. That way one can benefit from reward points and cash back offers while earning interest.
#4 Lookout for offers and discounts
Subscribe to travel websites to be updated for available offers and discounts. Many a times during the off seasons, offers are rolled out. Even better deals can be negotiated by getting all the bookings done through one website. So shop around and track offers for a while, see what suits you and go in for the best available deal. Do not forget to ask for discounts on entertainment and activities if you are willing to book in advance.
#5 Experienced travelers know the best
Speak to your friends and family who have travelled to the destination before. They are the best people to guide you on exclusive stay and travel tips. Again it's not only about saving but finding the best value for money. Tips from travelers are invaluable in that case. Spending some extra bucks for a good deal is worth the time you will be spending there.
#6 Visit the website before visiting the place
Now this is a good practice not only for getting information beforehand but also for saving up. Many places offer exclusive coupons on their websites which can be used on the spot to avail discounts. Checking the website before also helps one know about the days when the place is closed or about special days when visits can be avoided since it would be crowded. 
#7 Travel light on the flight
Efficient and planned packing is the key to travelling light. Also, roll your clothes so that they occupy least space and carry outfits which can be mixed and matched to create new looks. Airlines charge extra for additional baggage and those charges can easily be avoided. Do remember to save some space in the bag to be filled with goodies on your way back home. All of that must be planned in a way, so as not to exceed the weight limits.
#8 Find more about member perks
Whether it is the credit/debit cards, clubs or website subscriptions, members have access to privileges. Look out for the ones applicable to you beforehand. After all, let all the plastic cards and endless newsletters you receive work in your favor.
Life is all about collecting experiences and creating moments. Travel provides us an opportunity to do that. So start saving now, use these tips and book your next vacation! After all- to travel is to live.
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